Oct 14 2013

BOOM. And then there was a wedding.

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Ah, that kicked ass.

There was a pig.  And space invaders.  There was the Final Countdown, complete with screaming guitar solo on kazoo.  There were many people, lots of beer drunk, some fantastic food eaten, and lots of catching up.  A man married us with tales of Winnie the Pooh, pizzas and Mexican waves in the chapel.  Somehow we managed to fit 173 people into a space for 80.  That was good.  Oh, and colour.  A LOT of that.

But mostly there was Becky Wood.  Well, Becky Green now.  But still Becky Wood as well.

Life kicks ass.


Oct 16 2011

New website

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There was all this hacking business.  Email been a bit wierd.  New server with Nige, but service is a little strained at the mo ….

Aug 19 2011

You shuold go follow this. Robert Rankin is getting colourful.

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Robert Rankin is to blame for many things. The sprouts for example.  And my warping.  This is his online comic!

Jul 05 2011

Another Merry Hill vid …

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Although I managed to miss teh Haigh hall gig last week, someone else made it, with a videoy thing. Here’s their doins.


Oct 19 2010


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Aug 27 2010

Merry Hell?

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Looks like the rumours of a band from the ashes of the Tansads are true … http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk/news.php?extend.251

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Aug 18 2010

Mobile finally arrived

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Finally after 1 week of doing my nut, Voda have seen fit to make my mobile work.

I’ve not worked out how to make voicemail work yet, but the old number is live again!

Jun 12 2010


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it’s naff, but easy.



May 11 2010


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Getting there.  Sat in the Skyewalker hostel, which means I’m on holiday and it’s going to be ace.

Yesterday we did the Saddle in Kintail.  Not hard, but reasonably exposed and committing, particulary with the weather that we had.  Was ace, then we drove to Kyle of Localalsh (chippy tea), then over to the hostel.

Today we headed up Sgurr Dearg direct, then I took Stu up the Inaccesible Pinnacle.  Was good fun, quite a lot of snow around the place, but njot enough to impede progress.  Got to Bandadich, but weather turned after that so we ran away & got off teh ridge aro0und 1/2 way down Ghobar into the Deargh Coire.

Drunk lots of dirty booze tonight.  Someone says Cameron is PM.  I fear for the years ahead.  At least people will become passionate in politics again …

Mar 11 2010

Think I may use this one in work.

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