Jun 26 2007

A poignent little snippet

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Mike PW found this on the net.  Well worth a watch.


Jun 24 2007

County Camp 07

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Good weekend, but the first County Explorer/Venture camp EVER that I hadn’t been a big part of. For the past ..er.. 10 years, me and Sam Kellie / Claire Charlton / Doc Ali / Nige / Liz / and several others have organised the filthiest and most wierd games we could possibly think of ,and then put people through them, abley supported by Ormskirk Crew and several other regular lurkers.

This year though, me and Sam had had enough after 10 years, and decided it was time for someone else to take the helm.

So, I spent Saturday on a hill, leading a group over Tarn Crag/Jack’s Rake on Pavey Ark then over the Langdale Pikes and down the end of the valley. Top fun, most chilled, kids buzzed off it – assisted by Matt F. Sat night very chilled, played some cool tunes with Max Lowe and got a bit of good ol’ audience participation going (although some other kids stole our thunder and covered “Hit me Baby one More Time” before we could!). Round the campfire for an hour of singing until my voice died, then back to the tent to crash.

Sunday worked very well. Coops had stepped into the light to take on organisation of the teams (i.e. deal with Sunday) at the last minuite, and did a hell of a good job. Each District organized something, and I claimed our regular ‘bog’, which ended up the consistency of ..er … well, very moist, churned, gloopy, DEEP, possibly alive mud. About 4′ deep at one point, and the kids loved it. Only one injury (sorry about that!), lots of filth, and one extreemly grubby Charlie Holland.

Took 15 mins to set up, 2 mins to take down. Easy, simple, guaranteed winner. Turns out that after 10 years of driving ourselves nuts with the complication and effort to make really clever and nifty games, me and sam should just have let people play in a ditch instead ; they’d have loved it just the same. Top weekend.

Jun 18 2007

Greenland final meeting

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Last meet yesterday at Broughton.  32 days til we go.  I should probably have the fear now.  All this planning, packing, spending of hard earned cash, pouring over maps & aerial images.  All coming good.  Chatting with Geoff after the meeting he explained his plot for the walk in, as we’re leading the first group through:

  1. the most defiantly ‘active’ boulderfield at the terminal moraine. “Touch a boulder and it falls over” according to Dick from his recce last year.
  2. possibly the widest river in the world.  Google maps have updated their images, and the current one shows a rather stonkingly large braided river after the sandy glacial outwash.  May have to take water wings …

Jun 17 2007

Glyders with Ali

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Over to North Wales for a night and day with Chambers. She’d not done Tryfan or any of the Glyders, so we did the lot. Weather pretty grotty, but didn’t actually rain on us, just thick clag and a breeze that got colder as the day went on. Up the North Ridge, then over to the col behind Tryfan to kick up Bristley Ridge. I pointed out the cannon and the cantilever stone on top of Glyder Fach – Ali commented that it looked like a penis. A bloody wierd one (said I), but a penis nonetheless. 112

Bagged the Glyders, and round to Y Garn (fighting with a headache all the way up) – took a while due to clag and we weren’t moving terribly fast; about 8 hours for the day I think. Good fun though.
Over to Phil E’s housewarming in the evening after driving home, caught up with Tom Griff and a few others. Mused on who would win in a fight between his hamster and chameleon. Got very tired and ran away home.

Jun 14 2007

Rocky Horror

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Yet again, the realisation that one day I will own a leather basque and attend a Rocky Horror gig as Frank N’Furter swam into my mind.  This gig was at the Lowry in Salford – a bit clean and tidy for dodgy wierdo’s like us, but good fun nevertheless.  Went with Jo T and her mate, as Brad from the Lab Scene. Yay for white undies.

Jun 12 2007

Ninja Nige

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45Walker of the “path of the code”, all net junkies run in fear when Ninja Nige approacheth …

Looks like these bits of kit are talking to each other now … excellent!

Jun 12 2007

Pillar Rock and Dow

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After several years I finally managed to have a crack at Pillar via Pillar Rock, and got up it.  Did Rib and Slab, a HS from Classic Rock with Martin.  Long walk in, with VERY intense heat, but the shade on the crag helped us recover.  4 pitches, one lost chalk bag to the cause, then descended via slab and notch scramble to bag the top of the hill, and run away as the rain approached.  Shattered back at base, but Sunday met with Phil and Matt, to conquor Abrahams Route (HS) and Giants Crawl (D) on Dow.  Really, REALLY enjoyed Giants Crawl, very easy but gets into some stunning places on the crag.

Jun 12 2007

Hello world!

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Tuesday night.  Just got the doobries from Nige to get this all going, uploaded this and grabbing lots of other nice toys too.  Really should be working on something else … as ever … spin them plates (spin spin)

Jun 06 2007

Cadshaw Rocks

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Third time climbing this year, managed to get out to Cadshaw Rocks, north Bolton on Bank Holiday monday with a bunch from the Crew.  I got my first VS in this year which was cool … Martin fell off and left quite a bit of skin behind!85

Jun 03 2007


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60Managed to get up to Willmott’s place for an evening’s climbing with her and Craig at El’s local – and stunning crag, just up the A9. Over to Balquidder on the Saturday to meet Sean and Sarah, then bag a couple of Munroe’s in the clag. Yay for Scottish weather. Ended up back at Polney on the Sunday to do Cuticle Crack and to lead my second or third VS of the year – awesome route, and didn’t fall 🙂