Aug 29 2007

New job and that …

Category: homeash @ 10:30 pm

Well, it’s all going pretty well at the new place.  Slowley getting used to working with lots of other people, and (evan slower) putting names to faces, and recognising both.  Is a bit manic, in a quite ‘different’ way to being at Lathom.  I’m not spinning several thousand plates at once, but am driving here, there, and everywhere with an interesting learning curve!

The commute is plaguing me a bit – hoping to sort accomodation closer to Leyland sooner rather than later.  A house came up in Parbold then disappeared within seconds the other day on a 50% ownership deal – I’m starting to think that such a deal is pretty much my only option now unless comes good for me.

However, that, plus the Gathering, plus Splash and Dash, plus the variety of other things that I should be doing (getting the Land Activities group going again, Registrar stuff, recoding Liza’s old website, doing Greenland report) are failing to get done as I’m so knackred from work and the other bits I’m squeezing in.  Just got in at 10pm, left for work at 0730 this morning and haven’t stopped all day – a brief 30 mins at my desk having butties was the only real relapse.  Fingers crossed I can relax tomorrow night – diary is free at the moment and I’ve stacks upon stacks to do.  Oh to be back in Greenland with no deadlines or stresses ….

Aug 27 2007

Solfest 2007

Category: home,Musicash @ 3:21 pm

Top weekend with Red, Sam and Lizzie at the most chilled of all festivals.

  Managed to catch:

  • 3 daft monkeys – awesome!
  • Levellers – headlined sunday, quite trashed but good set
  • Show of hands – as ever, slick
  • Ozric Tentacles – got a bit bored before the end so missed Kickmuck, but good to watch
  • The Undertones – yes, veteran rockers banging it on
  • Eatstatic – did obligatory bopping

Great company – good to see Red with mutant inside, Sam being himself, and Lizzie a lot happier than when I saw her last.  Ate good food, drank way too much Solfest ale, and got another bit of tat for my wrist. Spending the rest of this bank holiday recovering!

Aug 21 2007

I’m alive!

Category: Mountaineering,Scoutingash @ 1:45 am

Back, in one bit, utterly hyper.  And again, can’t really get to sleep.228

Stacks of stuff on about it, checked the stats adn we’ve had over 11,000 visits in the past month – over 1gb data transferred!  Madness.

Am well, heavily bearded, and a bit tired.  Stuff still in car needing unpacking/sorting/washing/de-smegging.  Life is good.  Would be a LOT better if I was still out there, but figure you can’t have everything.  Leastways, not yet.