Sep 30 2007

Rocks, Posh ties and a bit of Bellowing

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Following a rather hectic week ending in 2 days in Bolton, drove straight up to the Lakes on Friday evening.  Well, drove is a bit of a misnomer, moved from one car park on the M61 to another car park on the M6 would be closer to the mark.  After a couple of hours met Ali and Mark in Coniston car park – went & lobbed tents up then into the Bull for a few pints of Bluebird watching Ali fall asleep into her invigorating pint of water.

Up pronto and out on the Sat morning to climb on Dow.  Did Giants Crawl (Diff) again, good fun, managed to run it into 4 pitches.  Weather a bit naff, cold at times, good to get out though.  Back down to the car at about 2pm, for a brew in Coniston then shoot back home for a shower, change, then grabbed a lift from Liz and Mike to Burscough where jumped onto a minibus then out to Southport for Ormskirk’s Centenary Ball.

Top night, good chat with Doner through food, excellent to see Mike and Sheila B too.  Tom Griff is back & had a brief catch up, also saw Ginny which was superb – not seen in a long time.  Music adequatley poor, beer ok, lots of faces that I didn’t recognise, so good to meet some more people.  Back home lateish, to crash and chill on Sunday.  Have got laptop from work up and running now, and have Bellowhead gig tonight which should be pretty sweet.  Also need to sort out housing again – the lass that I was going to share with has bailed to sort out her own plans which is a bit crap but wasn’t a suprise.

Off to hunt for somewhere on the Tinterweb ….

Sep 24 2007

Tired, though smiling still.

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A hectic week (there’s a suprise) of late, but prety cool stuff in it.  Had the Gathering prep last week which was a bit of a nightmare – managed to get the inflatable assault course from Great Tower camp down to Tawd Vale at the start of the week, only to find out that it needed to be used back up North when I needed it – so had to press several people for personal favours in order to get it back up there in time.  That left me missing a key part of the “Fun Zone” that I was running on the Gathering, but thanks to the big effort of a load of Crew/Network/Explorers on the Friday night, all came good.  Was VERY late on the fri night – I only finished work after 6pm on the far side of Blackburn after a server died at 4pm.

Gathering iteself was a resounding success, hard but fun work on the Saturday making it happen, then all of Sunday from 8.30 am til 5pm was spent packing and unpacking trailers in different places, with hardly a moment’s rest all day.  Worth it as we were cleared and done and home before 6, but took some effort to get there.

Also met new prospective flatmate last week who seems pretty cool & I didn’t seem to freak out in the hour or so we spent together.  Not obviously an axe murderer either, which is probably a good thing.  We’re hunting for somewhere at the moment, although options are limited IMHO.  Hopefully find something soon, as this travelling to work is doing my nut (took 2hrs today due to accidents).

Sep 16 2007

Hugh’s stag weekend

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Off with the groom, the best man, Carl, Dom, Matt, Carl the Hanky and Roger to a National Trust house on the flanks of Skiddaw.  Up friday night for meeting people, wandering around the place, getting fires going and supping ales which was good fun as ever!

Sat we headed from the cottage/house/mansion straight up the back and onto Skiddaw via a little-known route.  Weather was a bit touch and go on the way up – the top was clagged in with a pretty intense wind blowing over, but we dropped off the top for a bit of Jo’s Tiffin (ta muchly!) and then piled off the back of the hill, down to the YHA place in the middle of the northern Fells.

326    333   336

Generally lounged about having lunch in the middle of the footpath on the Cumbrian way, then bimbled round the side of the hills, back round the top of Keswick and back to Millbeck.  Awesome day, the weather had perked up later on and we got some stunning views looking south (see the pics).  339

Back to the Towers, grabbed 30 mins kip then the catering machine whirred into action.  Me and Roger (both self-admitted crap cooks) managed to get away with the easiest course – the soup.  At only one point did Hugh get worried and tell us what to do very carefully, which was probably for the best.  And I didn’t put any Chilli in it, and Roger didn’t put any chocolate in it, which likewise was a good thing in hindsight.

345Following our soup, which suprisingly worked and killed no-one, we had some interesting bits of meaty thing on a green salad (with fizzy stuff), then meaty and bloody lamb with the thickest gravey known to humanity (damn nice though), then Apple Crumble (Carl peeled the apples and was a VERY proud CC), then the cheeses, then the chocolates, with gallons of wine, dessert wine, and the rest besides.  Ended up rather bloated, unable to move and trying to come up with interesting stories of embarrasment for the Best Bloke.  The inevitable happened ,out came the whiskey, then the guitar, and after everyone else had caved in, me and Hugh finally realised we should stop talking about Life, the Universe and Everything at half 3 and staggered to bed.

Today, up, breakfast (VERY full now), clean the place, play guitar, and bimble back.  Via GT to meet Stig with 8 knackred drying machines on his trailer, to stick the inflatable assault course on there and nip back to mine, then out to Tawd to meet him get it dumped up at the Training hut. (hopefully).

Top times!

Sep 13 2007

Trained to Exchange stuff…

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Been all week in Altrincham, South Manchester being trained in Microsoft Exchange.  Very interesting, and am learning a hell of a lot, but it’s a bit death by powerpoint.  I’ve never had chance to play with Exchange before, but it looks like many of the schools in LCC are running installations of it, that I’ll probably have to un-screw at times.

So, doing this course is pretty cool, if heavy going at times.  Staying awake is a mission.  Caffiene utterly rules my body at the moment.  It’s not due to lack of interest, more warm room, lots of food and ppt slides for ever.

Hey ho, it’s given me lots of opportunity to plan stuff this week!

Sep 10 2007

Mick and Bob’s wedding

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Should really be Mick and Charissa’s Big Day, but I figure most wouldn’t know who Charissa is.

A manic, although good fun weekend. Friday was … er … busy doing something somewhere which – if I remember rightly was tiring. Ah – I remember – the gig for Ricko. He’s invited me and Lucy to do some tunes with him on stage at a musical evening for a Lourdes reunion. Met Luce after sitting in Leyland for a few hours killing time, then the gig, then back home.

Up early sat to bob in at Pete Freeman’s for talking trophies, then grabbed Lucy (plus brew), then to the parents to drop off prezzie for the brother and pick up ticket, then to collect suit from dry cleaners, then to Preston to get measured for Hugh’s wedding. After finally finding Moss Bros we headed for Westview, where they’ve stuck some new walls up for the climbing on. Spent about an hour and a half throwing ourselves at plastic rock, then zoomed over to Fleetwood to an adequately dodgy B&B.

Pressurised Luce into getting ready inside 45 mins rather than the original 2 hours requested (result), then off to the wedding.

298Cracking doo, Bob looked the part, Mick was grinning like a loon. A HUGE amount of Scouting bods there, really, really good fun. Service went really well, had good fun singing Jerusalem at volume, then off to the Marine Hall for beers, speeches, food and the dancing. All went really well, speeches were excellent, and the Austrians got us dancing like loons at each other.

301A great many beers were consumed, with just the one whiskey which probably was the one too many. Staggered back to B&B – most staggering done by Lucy I hasten to add – then collapsed into bed.
315Up the next morning, ate, packed, left, bumped into Clare and JFK – Clare sporting a sizable bump – then up North to the Lakes. Met Dave J in Windermere, then up to St Johns in the Vale to climb on Castle Rock. Got a couple of VDiffs and a Severe in, all good fun, Lucy amazed and worried us by climbing barefoot. Excellent day out, then back down south.

Top weekend – although tiring!

Sep 02 2007

Bimble in the Lakes

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After a meal out at a Japanese place on friday for Mick Harvey’s stag doo – top meal, great company, good to see everyone & MRV enjoying himself! – had a lie in to recover from last week and then headed northwards.  Met Dave Jaculis and Tracy in Ambleside for a brew in the Apple Pie, then off to Raven Crag, Walthwaite for a climb.  Seconded Route 2 – HS which Tracy led, then was a procrastinating punter for her as she has her SPA assessment next week.  Lots of dangling on ropes and refusing to move.

Clare O and Maria came up to meet us, met them in the campsite at Chapel Stile, then into the Wainwright for food, beers, and ranting about the world in general before back to the tents to crash.  Had a good chat with Clare before we both fell asleep – or should I say, Clare had fun psycho-analyzing me for an hour!

Up this morning to foul mingyness outside.  Bailed on the idea of climbing, over to Chapel Stile caff for a bacon sanger then over to Kendal to the Climbing Wall there, for about 4 hours I think.  Boxed off stacks of F6b/c routes which was cool – first time I’ve been hard climbing for a long time.  Great to see Clare and Maria again – Maria’s back and alive from a year in Canada, talking slightly wierd and well in the world, Clare is herself, as ever (which is damn good to know).

And now one of my drives has died in the pc, but I’m on a high at the moment so not going to spend the next 4 hours fighting with it – I’m off for T and to chill in front of the box.