Nov 30 2007

Gran not so good

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Bit worried about the Gran.  She may be determined as hell & a real fighter, but she’s in a bad way at the mo.  Think she cracked a rib a few weeks back which left her sore on one side, making it difficult for her to breathe.  Upshot of this is that she’s not been using the full capacity of her lungs on one side, so stale air has collected at the bottom, an infection has gotten hold and there’s liquid in there.

This obviously means that O2 intake is very limited – and she was asthmatic before – doing anything is a major issue.  Add to this the side effects of the antibiotics that the Dr stuck her on were pretty strong & knocked her sideways – she lost a bit of weight from hardly eating for several days.  Different pills have made her feel a bit better but not shifted the liquid.  As fluid on the lungs is a straightway to Pneumonia, she’s been admitted to hospital to get herself drained & sorted out.

Just hope its a very quick stint in there – she has to go in to get shot of this fluid, but obviously worried about infection potential when she’s in there.

Not good.

Nov 26 2007

Mooving …

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Over the weekend, I moved house.  Ably assisted by the brother, Hugh and Jo, Nige and Lucy (’nuff respect guys!) I somehow managed to compress everything still in Haskayne into 2 transits and 2 cars’ worth of space.  There’s a bit of stuff left at Haskayne, but most of it is now cluttering the new place in Westhead.

Am frantically trying to shelve/pack everything in the new place … Kate came round with a cheque last night & so viewed the carnage a-happening, and Chris is round later.  Am a bit concious that I’ve taken the whole place over already – think I need to take down some of the pictures etc that full most walls.

New place very nice.  Just about sussed the heating, and am getting used to the noise from the road.  Albeit slowley.  I can really tell that I’ve been living in the middle of nowhere for 6 years.  All these people keep driving past the house.  b*stards.

So, no broadband, no washing machine, several broken things and a set of shelves with no screws.  As it’s dinner now & I’m in Leyland it’s a B&Q run for dinner I think … was going to go for a new washer but finances are a mite tight at the mo.  Will be looking at the cheapo place in Ormskirk I think to get some low-cost white goods!

Need some lampshades too.  And to cut keys.  And several thousand other things.  Luckily this week is very quiet & I’m only busy (I think) on Sunday next weekend, so should be sorted by then.  All good, all good.  Looking forward to using the space for rehearsals!!! Stacks of space – good acoustics too 🙂

Nov 20 2007

Bez’s leaving & DESA V

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Manic weekend.  Worked quite late on Friday in Skem, then that evening over to the Prince William for Bez’s leaving do.  Good night, excellent company, good to catch up with TT, Shaz and Janey-woo plus the Bez.  Probably the last formal do I’ll go to with LHS staff I guess. Shame.

Slow day on Sat, dropped papers into Brighouse Wolff for the new bungalow, went to visit the Gran as she’s pretty ill at the moment, stopped round at the parents for dinner, then over to Welsh Wales.

Got to Nant Peris in pretty good time (although in crap weather), ditched the car and walked up to the cottage to find Dave and Tracey.  No-one in, so back down to the Vaynol, sopping wet.  Nursed a beer til they arrived with a most individual Heather, and met one of Dave’s Greenland compadre’s.  Grabbed food, then legged it to the cars and down to the Quality Inn in Llanberis.547

Merseyside Mountaineering Club (mates of Tracey & Dave) were having their formal do, so we had a beer or two waiting for them to finish, then sloped into the venue downstairs where they were having a Ceilidh.  Good night of dancing (not too much like a loon, very reserved) and quaffing of ales.  Played tunes with the guys til silly o clock at the cottage.  Very cosy, most ace, great times.

Awoke on sunday, feeling not that clever. Checking the time, I realised that my phone had died and I’d slept through the non-existent alarm. Swearing to myself, I stumbled through the cottage reclaiming bits of clothing/attire/body parts then got to the car and got round to Ogwyn damn fast to meet Marting Matt & the cast of DESA V.

The decision had been made to head up to Snowdon instead of climbing, so over we headed.  I took a group up Crib Goch – excellent day, bit of snow on the top but none on the path itself – all the feel of a winter trip without any slippy bits!  Clagged up which was a shame – none of the kids got to see what they were walking on.560  581  587

Topped out, and found from Matt that the miners/pyg track was a bit dodgy with some slushy snow on the slabs – reconsidered and decended down the railway path to Llanberis, ringing Les & getting to meet us there.

Back to their bunkhouse to settle up (Matt having left the finances at home), realise that I’d left Dave J at Little Tryfan for part of the day wondering why the hell I wasn’t there with a group of kids (oh bugger), and then to fire back up to Preston for a Greenland Presentation run through. Consumed pizza at people, dropped bbq sauce everywhere, found out I was due to speak on Friday and then ran away.

Excellent times.  Oh, and on the walk down I overheard part of a conversation the explorers were having – the previous day they’d been discussing the walk, and me turning up to lead it.  Someone didn’t know me, and they were trying to explain me to this person.  The final summation of that conversation ended up with me being described as :

“Ash is an enigma ; a state of mind”.

I’m not entirely sure what that means for me as a person, but it certainly sounds odd enough!

Nov 16 2007

House doings

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Slowley, slowley getting there.  Been let down on a couple of really cool places as the letter’s both wanted to sell their properties in a few months.

BUT, we think we’ve found somewhere.  Bit of a busy road, but really nice “home”, not “house”.  Bungalow between Ormskirk and Skem, just down from Plough Lane.  Owners sound, farmers round the back just off Plough Lane themselves.  Massive house, 2 big beds rooms and space everywhere.  Real fire, massive garden, big usable garage etc – it’s pretty spot on.  Looking to see if we can squeeze 3 of us in there – am off in a bit to meet Chris’ mate Kate as she’s after coming in with us.  Sussing out if she’s the standard Psycho Axe Murderer tenant or not.

Off out to Beryls leaving doo from Lathom High Tonight.  Should be an excellent do – the Prince Bill on top of the Beacon.  Then off to Welsh Wales either Sat or Sun with Ormskirk Explorers plus poss Dave J and Tracey (they’re in the cottage this weekend, so probably crash there Sat night … after the invite of a Mersesyde Mountaineering Group Ceildh somewhere in Llanberis.

Carnage awaits!

Nov 07 2007

Bit of a crap birthday week

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  1. Found tick on back of leg.  Managed to remove body but left head and nasty snapping jaws firmly affixed to back of leg.  Impressive swelling.
  2. Found abscess on gum.  Where it appeared last time, on the one that’s had the root canal & crown.  Decided to have removed, got pills from Dentist (ta to the ma), wento dentist on Wednesday to be told that I need to go to hospital for Gob-based surgery to remove & clean up a cyst that’s on the root.  Oh joy.
  3. Car in for service, not too steep at £160 but Neil from Swifts informed me that the immense clocking up of miles means that it’s going to need both more frequent services plus replacement.  Bugger.
  4. Call from the Kennedy Partnership – “that house you’ve got your names down for in Newburgh ; the landlord has decided to take it off the market”.  General anger and furiousness … have now met with Chris and had a look at what else is available – several but nowt as good as that one.
  5. Following on from a conversation with Clare and Martin at the weekend, decide that it’s a good idea to consume an entire Vienetta for tea.  Spend following day feeling wrong.

So much for a happy and relaxing birthday week eh.

Nov 04 2007

Creag Megeadh

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Top weekend up in the Highlands with Martin Freeman and Clare O’Sullivan.  I’ve wanted to go have a look at the Creag Megeadh region for ages – it’s excellent for winter mountaineering but I wanted to have a shufty in summer to familiarise myself with it before a winter trip.  So, up we went.

After picking Clare up in a dodgy Tesco carpark in Perth, we headed up and picked a random field to pitch up in on the side of Loch Laggan, about midnight.  In the morning it turned out that not only had we actually pitched up in the exact place where we needed to start walking from, but also about 100m away there’s a fantastic beach/camping spot/fire circle – we decided to stay there Sat night.503

Up and did the circuit of the Meagedh hills.  3 Munroes, multiple minor tops too.  About 20km, 1300m of up and polished off in just over 7 hours – not bad!  Weather was ok, wind was baltic though so couldn’t hang around.  Top time chatting whilst bimbling around, finally found the top after following some people to a minor summit (taken eye off the ball), then grabbed an extra summit before we turned and headed down.  Nipped off to Roy Bridge to find a pub for a pint / food / carry out, then back up to the camp spot to jump fences, pitch tents, send the others for wood and get a decent fire going.

507  513

This morning, up lateish, quick brekky then over to Drumocter Pass. Wanted to get more hills in but anything in Laggan would have meant us getting back really late, so a quick shufty in the Munroe book showed the stuff in Drumocter being a lot quicker to get around (as you start at 425m above sea level!)  As such, bagged 2 hills in about 3.5 hours and back at the car before half 2.

519  522

Back to Perth, met Gally & Willmott (Not Gary Willmott I hasten to add) at a pub after driving round Perth for several hours trying to find Clare’s car.  Saw her fingers and was shocked.525

Good weekend, fantastic to have 2 days on the hill!  Aching a bit now, but looking forward to more asap!