Feb 27 2008

“Never get old”

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Have been told this time & time again by my Gran.  Starting to believe her now.  I’m down to her sister (my Great-Aunt)’s funeral tomorrow, and the Gran’s lying in hospital with a re-fitted chest drain in place looking worse than ever.  Not eaten in a couple of weeks, nothing left to her.  And apparently the ward she’s on is reputed to be terrible at care & attention to the patients.  NOW we find out. Bastards – why could we not have found this out before.

Avoid ward 10a in Southport Hospital like the plague people.  Arsey nurses, no bedside manner, and no obvious intention to make people better.  Solicitors letters are being drafted.

Feb 24 2008

Snow and Ice 2008

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Just back from 10 days based at Nethy Bridge, near Aviemore in the Cairngorms.  Weather was a bit off this year, but good times were had by all. Days went (I think)

  1. Training day / Cairngorm / peer down Loch Avon
  2. Beginner climbing day in Coire Lochan, top out & off.
  3. Fiacall Ridge, Coire Domhain snowholes & Carn Etchechan
  4. Unknown.  Did something, no idea what. Seem to remember feeling wrong & taking an easy day. Still prodding at stitches on my gum & not feeling quite right.
  5. Day ‘off’ – Crotched Gully with Fitz
  6. Next training day for Phase 2
  7. Tres windy, so climbing wall for the day
  8. Geocaching
  9. Day off – run in the Morn with Clare O & then picking up/dropping off Scouters around the place
  10. Drive back

Easy drive back.  Unfortunatly, we lost my Great Aunt last Tuesday to the lung cancer that had been knocking her sideways recently.  Funeral this Thursday.  Nan’s really, really bad at the moment too.  Service unacceptably shite from Southport Hospital apparently – need to find out why.  Bobbed to see Nan tonight, although only for 5 mins as she was in bed & settling down.  Making a point of getting there tomorrow night.  Not good.

Feb 11 2008

A busy weekend, and a sore mouth

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I heard from the brother & ma that my Great-Aunt was getting worse at the end of last week, so on fri after work (where had a VERY positive PDA, making me feel right happy!) shot down to one bloody large hospital in Brum.  Saw the GA, looking tired & worn out on her ward.  We know it’s terminal cancer, and there’s not long left, but she was on good form considering.  High morphine dosage,  but she’s full of fight & is as sharp as ever!  She really wants to see my Gran (her sis) again, but it’s unlikely to happen – Nan’s in hospital herself at the mo and may well be in there for a while yet.

Back to Ann’s later that night, grabbed a couple of pints in their local then crashed out.  Next day took breakfast, bade farewell and headed up the local hill where my Nan used to live (her dad farmed the area), as the weather was ace, so charged around taking pictures of the whole area, incuding the ‘monument’ – a tall construction where we scattered my Grandad’s ashes a few years back.  Had a chat to him up there, then headed back.

Hit the road & back home before too long.  Quick sort out, then over to Southport to catch Folkport, Southports first folk festy outing.  Saw Brass Monkey (Martin Carthy et al), Dervish, a session by the Bothy Folk Club and then the Oysterband.  Oysters were on form, but unfortunatly the sound was crap.  Very quiet, mix was all over the place, and they were a bit slow all the way through.  With all these issues it was really hard to get the place moving – the band tried a few different tricks to get people bopping, but it was a really wierd crowd in there.  Plus Dan was leaping about, pretty wasted on Stella and making everyone else stand back.  Hey ho.

Following morning headed up to the Lakes, taking the Network walking in the Langdales.  Stunning weather, so took in Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell (via scramble on the links), then down to Angle tarn and off.  Really nice day out, wore some people out I think, all very good!  Met with Matt and Carrington + 2 who’d been up there the previous night kipping out – top weather for it.  Back to the ODG as it got dark.

914  924

Today, been into Ormskirk Hospital for Maxiofacial surgery.  Is as nasty as it sounds, and now have about 6 stitches in my gum after an op which involved peeling back of the gum, scalpels and the grinding down of the root of my tooth.  Dropping some more pills now, but expecting massive swelling tomorrow.  Oh, and a world of pain no doubt.

Feb 05 2008

Perth – and unwell relatives

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Top weekend at the hospitality of the Willmott – up on Thurs with Martin, A9 shut at Pitlochry so a bimble up the River Tilt on Fri to break into a SEPA sampling station.  Saw herd of about 3-400 red deer hiding from the weather, red squirel, curlew a few feet away.  Most cool.  Low level but impressive area ,good fun.  Gally over Sat night, food, beer, sleep.

Sat headed north to Aviemore, but after 2 hour drive hit traffic & a closed ski road.  Greatly miffed, but dumped motor at Glenmore. As late (11am) by this point, sacked off the norries, and headed to the ridge behind Glenmore.  Spent day wading through knee-depth powder plus drifts … good fun, though bloody cold & windy!  Managed to loose screw (not brain-based) on top of the furthest hill & suffered complete Glasses failure.  Swore, then stumbled blindly after the others for 7 km back to the car in the failing light of ‘shapes’.  A brew in Mambos plus careful Gaffer-taping led to a state of repair. Back to Perth, big steak, big beer (well, 2) then crashed out.

Sun was a slow start – bade farewell then stopped in at Clares in Edinburgh to check she’s mending ok, then back home.

All good, but over the weekend found out that the Great-Aunt (nan’s sister) has got terminal lung cancer – and it’s a matter of weeks.  Smoked for most of her life – gave up about 10 years ago but the damage was done years back.  She’s in hosp at the moment & the family are trying to arrange a care home whilst they convert rooms back home so that she can get about.  And at the same time, my nan’s back into hospital – been unwell for a few months now & Dr’s finally admitted that the pills are doing sod all, as she’s got a lung full of fluid.

After about 6 weeks of wanting to get a drain in, they finally put one in today.  Immediatly got about 5 litres of blood-stained fluid out.  She’s looking better than she has for a long time at the mo.  Made up – BIG time.  Especially as the Bro and Em leave for Oz on Sunday for 6 months – imagine it’ll be a relief to them.  Just hope she doesn’t pick up any infection whilst in there.