Sep 22 2008

Ormskirk Gathering:2008

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Came and wented again.  Run by Nige, Ricko, myself and Pete Smith with Cunny on logistics and Margaret on staffing.

6 hundred and 20 something people on site for the Saturday day, with around 440 of them camping over.  Most excellent.  Lots of grinning faces, chilled (ish) leaders, smoothly running activities and the rest.  Worked really well – some things to improve as ever, but pretty slick.  Get the leaders that always moan, and the ones that are totally laid back – kids really got into it, particularly the Explorers which I’m chuffed about.

Really made up that so many mates managed to travel back to give us a lift – at midweek we were pretty badly understaffed in some areas, but with people like Dave J from Rugby, Wilmott from Perth, Vollers x2 from the Far Flung South, as well as everyone else from local areas pulling out the stops it worked really well.  Claire and Rick stopped through for a while to lend a hand as part of their UK final tour before off and away to NZ which was ace. Gonna miss them not being around for a couple of years.  Good job I’m trying to get out there next xmas really.

The weather stayed good which was cool, the DC’s challenge was manic, I managed to narrowly avoid being lamped by Nige for trying to take him out for no apparant reason, and we had some ace times round the Explorers camp fire.

Once again great fun, if a little stressful and time consuming in the preceding weeks.  A few debtors, but not many considering.

Cheers to all that made it happen.  Big grins.

Sep 15 2008

Don’t let your brain explode.

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September comes. As is it’s way.  It’s always a manic month for me – or at least always seems so with the quietness (relativly) of summer.  With Splash and Dash, The Ormskirk Gathering (500 punters so far), Parents meetings for the Paris Trip, all the promotion for next years Dolomites Trip and other ‘normal’ Scouting stuff, there’s little time for anything else.   Have managed to get down to Jon and Reesy’s wedding, and up to Rochester with Sam and Red for a couple of days though – though that was mostly to see Claire and Rick before they emigrate for a couple of years.

Not burned out yet, but have been getting close.  Not got to teh gym for a couple of weeks now and feeling pretty lousy for it.  Months since I’ve been on a mountain.  Although I’ve done stacks of climbing this year, I’ve done sod all walking (relativley speaking), and it’s starting to show.  I desperatly need to get out and get some miles under my belt …. using ‘Hill Therapy’ to chill from the stresses of life is ok as long as you can get out!  I’ve a day in 2 weeks time before a work trip to Go Ape, so I’m hoping I can use that to get some real stomping in.

Stuff is getting there with the Gran’s place,  Cunny is fitting the kitchen etc, there’s a strong possibility that me and Chris will be moving in there in a couple of months time – just need to finalise costings etc.  Will be a shame to leave Westhead – big rooms, nice landlords etc, but it makes damn fine sense to move in at Burscough.  So much for “Once you’ve left Burscough, you can never return”…

And am proud owner of both new albums from Metallica and Slipknot … and to be honest, both disappoint.  Nothing like the originality from St Anger on Death Magnetic, and Slipknots one sounds way too samey at the moment.  Chumba’s latest one is excellent though.  After x-many years, they’ve now got round to sampling themselves.  Well, they have done it to just about every other genra going!