Oct 27 2008

Decorating Cheese.

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This last weekend was utterly ming.  The forecast gave 100mph weather on anything above 4′ high, so sacked off the Glencoe trip with Gally and Wilmott (that’s quite to Gary Wilmott.  Hope people are paying attention).

So, stayed local and worked on the Gran’s place.  Several coats of paint to knackred ceilings, repairing cracks, sanding down, painting away pinkness, all of that kind of thing.  Cunny & his pa are coming on at a pace now, the power is mostly sorted throughout the place & today is load-testing of the water systems I think.  Floor goes down in the kitchen Tuesday and then units go up … is all coming together. Aided by a wet and slightly whiter dog.

Sat night was over to Phil and Charleys in Leyland for a Cheese and Wine evening.  Got fed, talked Dolomites to sort out some outstanding issues, then caught up with Tom the Griff for a few hours, and played guitar at a very drunk German lass.  Crashed out and sought out Subway brekkies with Pierre on Sunday, before returning to the Gran’s place and carrying on there.  Realised that we’re going to have to repaper the main hall at some point. Arse.

Oct 19 2008

Slack Jack’s Faggoty Flaps.

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Just back from a weekend in North Wales with Caroline McCann, walking and that & trying to work out if she’s still broken from a climbing fall earlier in the year. 

1598  1602

Late off on Friday (after the advent of Pub Friday being established at work), then to the Bryn Glo Bunkhouse (humour) in Snowdonia.  A stylish, and fragrant static caravan behind the cafe.  Got there late, off to the boozer, decided on the Nantlle ridge, then boozes until 3 am talking randomness.

1605  1611

Hit the hill at about 10am Sat, and after a slow slog up the first top, we hit the ridge itself. Excellent views, greasy as hell on the rocks at the main scramble, but got into a pace and motored to the end.  Aided by Carolines flapjacks (Who was Jack, and what did he keep in his Flaps?), we stormed up the final one then turned and retraced our steps.  She was adequatly shattered by the end, but considering this is the first big day out in 11 weeks she did damn well.  Met up with a couple of mates in the pub that night, where I demolished the largest plate of weakly bonded (or slack) faggots and chips.  Mmmm.  Ended up back at the van to become trailer trash, sup posh liquor (cheers Claire!) and talk bollocks.  Bed a bit earlier, but as there was muchos whiskey in the pub it was a slow start on Sunday.


After food, getting money to pay for the trailer, a tactical cafe stop and getting to Betwys, we bimbled up the back and through the woods – the forecast was pretty rough. Definately the best idea, as it was foul higher up and the woods took the brunt of the weather.  Stopped in at a mate of Carolines in Capel who runs a bunkhouse there – complete with very complicated sauna and plunge pool.  Had a guided tour by the owners – very nice – and returned there later with cake to get presented with brews.  Finally hit off home around 5, home for 7, quick dump of stuff then out to Crew meeting for a couple of hours.  Tired now.

Oct 14 2008

Spannered email

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If anyone is trying to contact me, do it by phone.  My mails playing silly buggers, just at the time that Nige has gone to Singapore for a couple of weeks – and it’s hosted on his servers.  At the moment he’s not found wifi!

Oct 13 2008

Arran 2008

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At bloody last, back on some Mountains.  It’s really been too long.

Hugh & I planned a series of walks about this time last year, and finally we managed to make one actually happen.  An invite out to a few people, and we had a 10 people trip.

The wet weather slowed us somewhat, but with a Free Man, a work Passatt and average speed of warp 95 for 4 hours managed to get us to the ferry terminal with 3 mins to spare … which was a little tense.  Met everyone else on the ferry, had a scoop and then after a failed chippy tea we went for the bunkhouse in Lamlash.


I can say, hand on heart, that I have had significantly less filthy bivvies in my time.  And that’s by MY standards.  The mildew in the fridge I could cope with.  We dealt with the minging oven tray’s by robbing Sean’s cake of it’s tin foil wrapper.  Bainbo was impressed by the single sheet of perspex held in the double glazed window with bits of wood. The lack of bog roll was interesting. And as for the owner … well, the £12.50 a night was worth it for the entertainment.  Needless to say, after navigating past the bust white goods, wheelbarrows and abandoned caravans in the garden to go to the pub next door, they pointed out that she was a loon. 

Up next morning, some were off to have a crack at a mountain route (VS, looks excellent but weather a bit iffy), Sean was off to beast Simon Waterworth over mountains at speed, and Hugh, me, Sarah, Bainbo, Chris Mosely and Ben headed for the Goat Fell horseshoe.

Excellent route, wind was a bit active, and the clag came in and out all day.  The witches step involved 2 uses of the rope (3 at times), some bloody exposed scrambling on teneous holds, all damp and a bit green.  Christ knows how that’s a grade 3 scramble, evan in good conditions! After that we ploughed up and over the tops, lost Ben after Cir Mhor, and me, Chris M and Sarah legged it over to Goat Fell from Goat Fell North to get the full ticks in.  Top day, a good 9 hours moving at speed all the way round.  Knackred at the bottom.  Retired for beers and curry – the climbers topped out at 18:40 in the dark but got off quick, they’d had a bit of an epic on a windy day with water pissing down the route.

1543  1573  1540  1555

More beers followed, with a 1950’s cover band which was an experience.  Bit goosed to dance so Si and Chris did it all for us.  Needless to say, Hugh was destroyed by the day and crashed out at about 8.30pm.

1570  1585

Sunday, bit of a late start. Escaped the bunkhouse, then bouldering at Corrie and Sannox on roadside boulders for a few hours.  Good fun, then onto the ferry, byes to all and then the mission home – back for about 11pm.  Aching -it’s been a couple of months since a big day on the hill and Christ do I know it!
1594  1588

Oct 02 2008

Playtime with work. And how an attempt to save cash nearly ends up being VERY expensive

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Took a few guys away last weekend from work to the Lakes.

Jake (the boss, well my boss, and only for a while as he’s been promoted out of harms way), used to be into climbing, and so I took him up to Farleton. Got a couple of HS routes in before the sun ran out, and we ran to Coniston to lob up tents and then run to the Black Bull.

Following morning we met Jeff the Bambino at Walna Scar, and I took them both up Giants Crawl on Dow.  Jake did his first leading in a few years, and JEff did his first real climb.  Conditions not bad for Dow (i.e. not raining).  Topped out, then round to the Old Man, down to the hause before Swirll How and off by the side of Levers water.  To the pub again to see how much beer we could drink. “Some” was the answer.  Yet whisky was supped later on, getting rid of my Glen Moray and Jakes Caol Isla.

Sunday we hit Go Ape, with Master Preston and his feller.  A good day, a bit nippy but good fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, top times.  Scran in the Anglers then to sit on the M6 in traffic.  Knackred when I got back so bailed on the Travis gig – shame as I was well up for that and already had the ticket, but was goosed after the drive.

And the cashflow thing? Well, apart from running out of dosh the other week, (BIG oopsie there!) we’ve been trying not to use the diesel fired central heating here as it costs a bloody fortune.  And with the sudden drop in temperature and increase in wetness … well the damp is getting in.  So, a lot of my walking and climbing kit is starting to show signs of damp.  Needless to say, the heating is now on.

Anyone got a dehumidifier spare?