Dec 18 2008


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Nige’s convinced me to upgrade to WordPress 2.7.

It’s very shiney!  Though the Gallery plugin I use hasn’t been upgraded yet, so all of the piccys are broken for the moment.  Though they will be back.

It’s quite exciting as we’re developing a new site for Ormskirk Scouts based on the Multi-user version of WordPress.  Shiney Shiney new new.

Dec 14 2008


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Been hit by a man-flu thing.  Not particularly viralent, but enough to knock me sideways for a couple of days.  The combination of being around lots and lots of ill people, with also burning a candle at both ends ended up with a broken me at the end of last week.  On the mend now, but was utterly wiped out for a couple of days.

Cunny’s on the case with the new place.  Garage powered up, all light fittings now workin proper, just need to sort out the wierd floor moisture issues.  Am sure it’s not due to either of us suffering from non-awareness incontinence issues.  Hopefully.

Up to Swaledale – Keld in particular with Ali C today.  Took bloody hours to get there, as the road in from Kirby Stephen was snowed up – to an extent that I could tell the only vehicles leaving tracks on the road were landrovers, and my behemoth monster weighs a LOT more than them and has a lot less controllable power.  Ended up bailing and doign a 60 mile detour to find Ali!

Oh, and other key thing is that we’ve now got Broadband again.  After Supanet cocking up the account, and complaints from me, they gave me a date of about 5 days hence and then I noticed that MSN had fired up on my PC … magically started working.  This may well mean that it gets turned off in 3 days when Supanet realise that it’s on, but I’ll deal with it then.

The other key thing is that I’m just back from a Crew feedback meeting at the Ship, where the Network were booted out by the new Landlord.  We’re not entirely sure what happened, but the bloke kicked out 20 people because one person swore at him – allegedly.  It was all a bit tense, and I’m sure that Network will move drinks to somewhere else now.  And it’s a real bloody shame, as after moving to within 5 mins walk of there – and regularly having meetings down there – I’m now feeling pretty strongly compelled to start using somewhere else instead. Seems the guy there doesn’t want to have custom.  Am sure other things will come out of this, but it’s not a good sign.

Dec 08 2008

Still no web…

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Now fully moved, and mostly sorted.  No web at home still, so only contactable by mobile really.  Many things to say, including

  • Jesse Jackson lecture at Edge Hill
  • Mighty Boosh live
  • Prodigy live
  • And that Auntie Creed has a new wee person in the family.
  • Reconnection 16th at the mo … pushing for sooner!