Jan 30 2009

Moonlightin Reports …

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Our top chappie from the Ormskirk Advertiser’s been on the case – http://www.osadvertiser.co.uk/videos-photos/west-lancashire-photos/2009/01/27/ormskirk-and-district-scouts-moonlight-event-80904-22789344/  – with a billion pictures to boot.  Including stylish ones of the back of Niges & my head ..

Jan 26 2009

Claire says this made her wee

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I think it’s cos she’s a bit special.

 I can, however, fully relate. Yay for penguins.

Jan 25 2009

Moonlight 2009

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Top day out.  85 ish teams, 500 punters.  Walked the course with Nancy, in the team with Chris and Mim.  Won the catchers prize, much to the grumbling of some other catchers (watch for the changed rules next year!).  Few drop outs, lots of happy kids.  Big achievement, quite a hard route – Explorers from Worden Park Leyland and Scouts from Croston – both back to South Eastern Ormskirk.

Nige has blogged bits of it from his shiney new Iphone .  I ripped my keks vaulting a rotten gate.  And destroyed Nancy I think.  We walked most of the route but had to get a ride for 2 miles to get back in time – we did 29 km without that bit.  Long way.

Good fun though, and tired now.  Just a bit of clearup in the morrow.

Nuff respec’ to Chris and Mark for another excellently run event.

Jan 24 2009

Colouring in (within the lines)

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I’ve been catching lots of tattoo shows on Sky of late.  Miami Ink, London Ink and so on.  Has been making me think of the most excellent piece of art that I got a few years ago, thanks to Theresa Gordon-Wade.  Every time I see it in the mirror or on my arm it impresses me – exactly what I feel should be there!  I guess that’s the sign of a good tattoo – particularly to the person that actually has it – whether they’re constantly happy with it after several years or not.  Mind you, I haven’t much choice, as to cover up this monster it’d take either several hours with a Dremel drill (with flesh-scraping implament) or several tins of Hammerite.

However, the shows have been getting thoughts starting to flow again.  Don’t know what, don’t know where, no idea when, but I’m looking forward to the time that it happens!

Last time I was coloured in, it was at Tradition 180.  Looks like this site has now been re-branded as Lifetime Tattoo.  Looks like as well as Ben (from Oysters), Theresa and Jen (think she’d just started as an apprentice when I was down there), Joolz (yes, that Joolz) has been working there as well.

I was always really impressed with Tradition 180.  Ok, it was in Derby, and considering it took 5 trips down there to get right (1 to give ideas, 2nd to agree on design, and the final 3 to get the bugger done), it was a lot of miles, but when someone’s making permanent changes to your body, I think it’s vitally important that you get the right person to do it.  I’ve seen plenty of crap tattoo’s out there, and although I harp on at length about not giving a toss about what people think of me, I do acknowledge that other people do judge others on such things. 

I think that was the bit that opened my eyes at Tradition 180.  The fact that people were going there for coverups – new tattoos covering up – or incorporating – tattoos that either were now inappropriate or were just plain bad.  And the jobs that the guys there were doing were stunning.  I mean, REALLY stunning.  I also realised that the most important thing about a good tattooist is that they’re a damn good artist to start with.  After getting a crap one in Wigan years ago for daft reasons, I purposely took the time (about 2 years) to find the right shop/artist, then spent a month or two working with Theresa and playing with designs to get something that worked for me – and then over 6 months actually getting the work done.

And with having this hindsight, it saddens me to see when people go and get cheap & tacky tattoos done – stuff that they are liable to regret a few months/years down the line.  People talk about the need for couples to have licenses to have kids.  Well, I reckon that it’d be an idea for people to work through some steps before they get a tattoo. 

  1. Are you doing this for you?
  2. No, really, are you doing this for you?  Are you trying to impress someone else?

And so on.  Sure, it keeps other people in buisness doing cover-ups, but it’d be a far better world if people didn’t have to do this in the first place!  Well, far better for the patients being coloured in time & time again!


Jan 23 2009

Is there something in the water?

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I’m in the sad place of knowing quite a few people that have died recently – mostly in the past 2 weeks.  It’s been a bit of a rush … first Derek at work, who was rapidly approaching retirement, had a sudden cardiac arrest and never recovered.  Jan, one of the (few remaining) of my ma’s bestest mates died a couple of days later from an anurysm which burst in her brain – she was sleeping at the time & quietly slipped away.  Later that day Fay rang me to tell me that her old next-door neighbour had passed away, and my ma tells me that whilst spreading the word about Jan she was told of two extra deaths – one being a newborn.

Definately something amiss in the world at the moment.  And definately time to drink bottled water for a bit.

Jan 18 2009

First aid, and the Wrong Door…

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Been quite busy of late.  Flew through the refresher 1st aid course today with the Red Cross guys, Anthony pulling a blinder and getting us through the course by mid-day Sunday, and with no homework, at all!  Spent all weekend laughing, most cool.

Apart from finding Park Pool shut on SAt night when I went to the gym, so hit The Pump House climbing wall with Martin for a few hours to do some bouldering and work on skills.  All the time – and all the time at the 1st aid, thinking about the very wierd experience I had on Friday night. 

I thought it was a dream, or nightmare.  Something to do with watching the remake of The Omen and drinking a load of real ale anyway.  I’d crashed out and forgotten to turn the TV off, so woke several times in a daze, to watch some very freaky TV happening, inside my mind.  Freaky aliens, spooky stuff when you’re not quite sure what’s real anyway.  Turns out it was a TV show called the Wrong Door.

A slightly different boyfriend

A slightly different boyfriend

Very hard to describe, suffice to say that there’s stacks of CGI animation going on, a very british humour going on, and I think likemindeds like Abgirl will wee.

It’s on BBC Three occasionally – there’s a show with the best bits from the series (2008) and I’m trying to get hold of the episodes at the moment.  Definately a turn for UK comedy.  Was quite glad when I found the show online and watched a bit to convince myself I wasn’t loosing it or getting freaky nightmares.

When not mending people with the power of bandages, or getting wierded out by The Worlds Most Annoying Creature (see the show), have been working on Job Evaluation stuff for work.  We’re trying to be brought in line with our counterparts at County Hall  – it’s a project in centralising job descriptions, job titles, payscales and so on.  Has taken a chunk of my time the past few weeks, and massively important, as if we get it wrong then myself and many collegues could be looking at pay cuts.  Really interesting to work on, and eye-opening at times as well.  Ah, the joys of HR.

Moonlight next week.  Hoping to be able to catch up with all me mates on the event, as many are returning for the event.  Hoping to walk/run the event too – should be good fun – fingers crossed!

Jan 02 2009

Xmas and new year 2008/2009

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“Great days Eddie, Great days.”

After a good yet very quiet xmas eve at the Ship, I did the parental xmas thing.  Excellent foods, nicely chilled, poked the dog for a bit and recovered from beer effects from the previous evening.  It had been ace to see everyone – oh, I’d done a mulled wine thing beforehand and managed to get about 30 people squeezed into my new place.  Apparantly it can’t take many more than that.  Had been ace with my parents, plus Red and Sam’s as well, plus them, networkers, Crew bods and Gally, El, Daz and all the rest.  Very cool.

So, post Xmas I rang Phil E and then started the packing, which culminated with me meeting him at Leyland on Boxing, at 11 ish.

We headed off, and decided about 2 miles before Glasgow to NOT go to the Far north west of Scotland, but instead to head to Skye.  This was brought on by the massive High sat over Scotland, promising reliable stable weather.  As this NEVER happens on Skye, and Phil hadn’t been there, we reasoned that was a good enough reason.  Several hours later, we get to a closed Skye.  Sligachan bunkhouse and boozer both shut.  Camped outside, then woke in rather nippy conditions the day after (-5 ish).  Did Bruach na Frithe, got the secondary top and over to the Bastier Tooth.  Stunning Weather.  Dry, clear, unbelievable.  Had taken stuff to do Naismiths Route on the tooth, but we were running slow so bailed on that & dropped into the Am Bastier corrie & then out by the gorge. Headed round that night to Carbost, had beers and listened to local band in the pub then camped at Glenbrittle, on the car park by the sea.  1709  1706  17241727

Up the following morn, away for 0830 – a lot more punchy! Phil mentioned he wanted to start getting into some more interesting hard scrambling or easy climbing on an east facing ridge, purely as it’d be in the sun and so melt the frozen rocks & make things less slippy.  Had a think, then realised that there was only really the one accessible ridge in that aspect that we could easily get too – An Stac and the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Sgurr Dearg.  So, stomped up the An Stac Screes (won’t be doing THAT again!), did the west face route on An Stac and then the In Pin, moving together all the way. Again, stunning weather, but this time didn’t see a single person all day.  No wind, could see everything on the island and millions of mountains on the mainland, very clear views into Lochalsh etc.  Abseilled off the top, then down the ridge back to the car.  We’d discussed what to do next, and so headed back to the mainland, to go and have a look at Stac Pollidh, a hill that we’d seen from Sulivan the same time 1 year ago just before Clare had her fall.1751  1712

On the way north, we got a call from Matt Forshaw.  Him and Matt had been in Lochaber with a few others, and after their first day off had come into a slight problem when Martin lost the car off the Anoch Mor road and managed to write it off.  They were now stuck at the Glen Nevis YHA with nowhere to stay and nowhere to put 3 tonnes of gear.  Reported that they were ok, but may need a lift back home at some point.  Agreed that we’d head their way in a day or two.

Got through Ullapool quite late on the Sunday night, headed onto the Pollidh road and tried to find a pub.  For hours. Lots of driving down roads and turning round.  My energy had utterly crashed out after a big day on the hill and then a 2 hour drive with no real food or rest in between.  By the time we stopped to put a tent up, I was burned out, and it took a forceful Phil to actually get me to move, help put tent up, sort stuff out etc.  Found my limit.

Did Stac Pollidh the following day, along the ridgeline from the end.  Great fun!  What a mountain – playground for hill peoples!  Have just read that there are some cracking climbs on it – next time!  With only 30 min walk in, that’s definately on the tick list for next time.

Headed down to Kinlochleven that night, to stay in a cabin that Stubbs and Speakman had, after finding and rescuing Matt and Martin.  We’d stopped in Tiso’s in Inverness too so that I could actually buy some underwear.  5 days in the same set of scruds had got a mite worrying.  Turns out there are few places to buy replacements in the NW of Scotland.

Had a day on the hill with them guys, which to be honest was less than inspiring.  Still good weather and good company, but to be honest after being on Skye and in the far NW, the sights in Glencoe and Glen Nevis ain’t as stunning!  Seems very strange to say it, but if you’ve been to the far, FAR NW of Scotland you’ll know what I mean.

That evening we headed back, with a crammed car and squashed Martin in the back.  I left them guys at Carlisle and got over to Rochester.  Caught up with the guys at the cottage, good to see Noah now makes a bee line for any musical instrument in range, and can distinguish beer from Coke pretty easily.  Had an ace 3 days with them, chilling, eating, wandering, playing tunes, playing with bairn, and generally talking bollocks.  And participating in a very strange game of Charades, including Internationalised Standard Categories for “Cheeses”, “Games”, and “Things you do not want to eat”.  I am constantly reassured of the knowledge that whenever Sam, Craig and I get together, things are exactly as they have always been.  And then a bit more.

Great Days Eddie, Great Days.