Apr 26 2009

Mmm curry

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Around and about this weekend.

Fri eve I took Willmott climbing over to Wilton 1.  Got a couple of Severes in and led a 70′ VS which was cool.  Was graded for a smaller person I think, I found it quite easy.  Good times though, and enjoyed a pint in the Wilton arms whilst talking about the world with El.

Sat was D of E training with some of the Explorers at Rivington.  Took a tour of Anglezarke, across the moors to finish over winter hill and leg it from Rivington Tower down to the car park in about 15 mins (in hill kit!), which was cool.  Chilled that eve with movies and beer.  Watched Memento – forgotten how good it was!

Sunday had a really productive morning, sorting out the Garage.  Has been a bomb-site since before we moved in.  Now has usable space, less mice, less mice poo, and shelving systems up.  Means I’ll be able to start un-cluttering the house too – made up with that. 

This afternoon was St Georges day parade in the outside on the Park.  Actually worked quite well, ’nuff respect to Sue Goldstraw for giving a minuites silence for John Willmott  with a couple of thousand people in the park.  Afterwards did some ultimate frisbee with explorers – thanks to Smiler for making that happen, and to Chris for providing the kit & Ref’ing.  I did some ref’ing too for a while, but got bored so did one game with one team hopping, the next was ultimate frisbee a’ la crab football, and the final one on piggy back.  Carnage.

Finally to the Buck for a pint, then Shamraat with Networky types.  A good weekend.

Apr 23 2009

Time to drop stuff.

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Not me : Heading up Dolomites International trip for 30 people.  Running International Day for 1500 people at event next year. Secretary for District Camp at new venue for several hundred.  New Explorer website to release. New Gathering website to write.  Heading up Adventure Race in new area later in the year.  Just done National Network event for couple of hundred the other week.  Piles of permits to re-type and file on web database.  Two wedding websites on the go, one to start from scratch.  Welsh meet to do loads of paperwork for before next week.  Cheques to get to ESLs from past event.  Two weddings to Usher at. Three weddings to come up with song ensembles to perform with different people.  VF training to do and get assessed at.  District Crew secretary role, inc re-writing of constitution.  15th Birthday Party of Crew to get off the ground for later this year (around 50/60 people).  Average 100 miles a day on road, (nearly) every day. Sort out other peoples computers.  County Training Team.

Me: Car to get brakes sorted on, repair computer stalk, sort chips out. Car to sell, smaller & more efficent to buy.  Pick up paintbrush that is in same place I left it in 1 week before we moved in at November to finish bathroom.  Start clearing the list I made in December with things to do (none done) on the house.

And, somewhere, in there, get a life and actually be social.  With John W & Heather’s mum both passing away this week, I’ve reached one of those points where you realise that life is a) quick, and b) fragile, I’m definately thinking that I’m spending most of my life being busy and none of my life actually taking time to stop and put things in context.

Pity that I’ve forgotton how.

(Not forgotton how to windge inseccently though)

Apr 21 2009

Sad Days

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Am sad to pass on the news that John Willmott has passed away yesterday. Good mate, and dad of very good mates. Well respected, much liked and loved by a great many people in West Lancs and in Scouting. He will be greatly missed. No funeral arrangements yet as he’s been passed to the coroner for the time being.
Also found out that a mother of another friend passed away yesterday too, due to a terminal cancer.

Sad days these.

Apr 19 2009

Gallys Stag weekend

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Strangely, and most unlike me, I’ve had a terribly long and fun weekend.

Friday I took 1/2 day flexi and met up with Phlegm & mate at Trowbarrow Quarry, north of Lancaster.  Got a couple of routes in soloing before they arrived, then 2nded Phil up Ramp Ant and then led Coral Crack (VS 4c) which was cool.  Got a txt from Sam to say he’d left home then ran away from the quarry, and drove to Keswick.  Met Seedy in Booths before Sam arrived (been moved from Windermere), then quick shop and out to Shepards.  Time was ticking on, so kept it short, doing a couple of D/VD climbs.

Down to the campsite, stuck up tent then into the Yew Tree pub at Seatoller.  Bit like the Slaughtered Lamb but without the friendly atmos.  Won’t be going there again!


Up Sat morning, quick chat about options and decided to do Corvus, an 8 pitch Diff on Raven Crag in Borrowdale.  2 ropes of 3 people, one having an inexperienced member, the other having a dog (with harness etc).  Route was quite busy, ended up taking about 5 hours or more on the climb.  Good route though.  Hauling the dog past the “tricky hand traverse” was interesting.  Glad I took my pulley and prussics.  Everyone enjoyed it, Stu was out of his comfort zone but was happy at the end of it.

Down the bottom, into Rosthwaite to the Scafell pub.  Excellent atmos, ate big foods, drank muchos beer, whiskeys, and got a lock in for a couple of hours, watching True Lies and trying not to sleep in my pint/whiskey.

Sunday, most went home.  Me and Darren couldn’t face driving away in stunning conditions (plus I needed hours for the alcohol in blood to go down!), so did Base Brown scramble with Daz and the dog, then Green & Great Gables, off the back down evil gully of doom and round past Napes Needle and many happy climbers, to Styhead and off.

Now burnt to buggery.  Stopped in at Phlegms on way back to be fed (again, cheers dude!) rehydrate and do some Dolomites stuff, picked up hitcher at Leyland and dropped at the Services (8pm setoff to get to London doesn’t have the best success potential), then back to unpack and write this.  And upload a million pics.

Need someone to give me a hand off with my peeling body now.  Urgh.

Apr 13 2009

Network Gathering 2009 – The Year of the Anthrax Cabbage.

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Urgh. Tired now.  Just managed to get all the grime out.  Car still unpacked, can’t face that yet.

An excellent weekend.  Up on Friday, the morning after the Prodigy. Feeling tired.  Took Jake up, chilled when got there and went the Masons with our guys, then back for beers.  Excellent to see everyone, including the Lomas’ and Vollers.

The build went well on the Saturday.  Our interpretation of the ‘wall’ took a while to get right, but it worked pretty well on the Saturday!  Loads of stuff went up, in good time and without a hassle – nuff respect to all the Crew and other hands that we had helping out.

Out to the pub again on Sat evening, ate out there & then back for beers and bopping to Alibi.  Well, not much bopping this time, was shattered and had a reasonably early evening.

Sunday was a manic one.  Running our base in the aftern0on, so up at 8.30 for food at 9, then worked on the bases and preparing the finale for a few hours with the others.  Quite a few had other appointments which had left us quite shorthanded, but hassling of people (over several hours) finally got us the right number to make it work.    Weather was cracking, which didn’t really help – loads of people went off site to do their own thing as the conditions were so good.  However, we got about 1/2 the amount of bodies that I was expecting.

When the time came, everything went to plan.  Got 12 teams finally, walked them up there, and had an hour and a half of mayhem.  No injuries that I’m aware of, though some peoples hair may actually now be rotten.  From the hair sculptures to Garfields swim across the mire, through Jamie and His Magic Torch hurtling down hillsides on canoes …. it went very well. Lots of people buzzing, smiles all round, and only a few people getting arsey – a lot better than normal!  We put a finale into this years as well which worked very well, but how the hell we didn’t get any split heads, dislocated arms or snapped legs I don’t know.  Was definately one that I’ll risk assess differently in future!  Worked really well though, came good in the end.


Big thanks from me have got to go to Ormskirk Crew and the others that helped out  – particuarly Andy of no second name, who grafted like a trooper all weekend.  Saying that, all of the team that helped out did.  Also in particular to Ali D and Chris Prior for helping with the pre-event planning over several months, and Pamla who kept on coming up with stunningly good ideas all the way through the weekend.  Although Sam and I used to have this down to a tee, I keep forgetting the stuff that we did year on year, and now lots of other people are starting to come up with the same stuff – which I’m very grateful for!

Sunday night was a big party after we’d dropped the kit, cleaned it, packed it away, nearly collapsed, lost all interest, and gone the pub.  A few beers in, me and Mark said we’d go and get the fire prepped to catch everyone coming out of the Beild, see if we could get a big singalong going.  Got building it, then bobbed back in for a beer.  And then found Phil.  Mr Emmott had a fantastic weekend of climbing, was a bit shattered and wanted to party the night away.

And so – to quote – he:

“unleashed the Gin Goblin”

And how.  He was dancing like a, well, like a crazy maniac to be fair, and entertaining everyone.  That then turned into a game of us spinning him round and taping him up, which was the process that took him over the edge.  The next 1.5 hours are time I’ll never get back, but do include:

  • The chaps from NE selling the Scout and Proud items who were a bit miffed that their stock now smelled of vomit
  • More vom coming from Phils nose than his mouth – something my mind has never conceived of before
  • Conversations about the relative merits of stomach pumps.

Great days Eddie, great days.  Matt stayed in his room to check he was ok through the night, and Phil finally appeared at about mid-day today.  In a generally bad way.  Needless to say, we mocked. At length.

Drove back home, heavy traffic, crash in front of us that we didn’t see but blocked the outside lane of the M6. 2 cars, people stood round in road with traffic driving round.  I pulled the bus over, and me, Mark and Jake got the people from the road to the hard shoulder, made sure that the coppers had been called and tried to chill and support everyone until the Traffic Officer came, blocked the M6 totally, tried to seperate the cars (failed) then told us to go before he let the traffic go again.  Said byes to the family and the couple that were in the two cars, and hurtled onto the M6, with a completley empty carrigeway in front of us – at 1pm on Easter Monday!  Very bizzare 🙂  Back to the shed, unpacked kit, washed & dried it, then dropped trailer in Tarleton, Bus in Ormskirk, Car in Burscough and blagged lift to Ring of Bells for tea with the Crew from the weekend.

Lots of laughing, lots of fun times, utterly shattered.  Bed.


Apr 10 2009

Sisters & Prodigy

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Couple of ace music days.  Last night went with Foxy from work over to Leeds T&C as was (now Leeds Carling Acadamy) to watch the Sisters of Mercy.  Only 3 of them left now, and only Eldritch that’s the original.  But boy, he’s still got it. Excellent set with some really good newer stuff and loads of the old ones.  Temple of Love, Vision Thing, Marianne, Ribbons, Black Planet, Dominion etc – ace gig.  Reasonably full on crowd ; Foxy got a bit squished at the front but seemed to enjoy it.

Back home for about 0:30, plan was for day on flexi but due to a planning screw up by me I had to bob into work for an appointment (in Nelson!) at 11, so just took half a day flexi instead.  By the time I had got back here, grabbed some food and got ready for tonight, it was 14:45.  Went and got on the M6, and 2 junctions down hit traffic.  Pretty much stop start all the way to the M6 Toll (lorry fire on Thelwall, accident at J15 and massive traffic amounts), then M42 solid on the other end.  Got to Creeds in Coventry at about 17:40, not raging too much!

Grabbed some scran and caught up with Creed and Phil which was ace, then me and Creed jumped on the train to Birmingham.  Sped across town to the NIA, caught the last 2 songs from Dizzie Rascal (probably worth catching a full set, sounded good!), then into a 1hr 40 Prodigy gig.

Awesome set, really good crowd, massive arena.  Must have been about 10,000 in there.  Bit mad from when we saw them 4 months ago and there was several hundred people.  Just as intense tonight though, they can really work the crowd!  The material from the new album went down well, and we had an ace time, generally dancing like loons.

Caught the train back, grabbed a brew then decided to head back tonight, not wanting to get stuck in the traffic that today had (tomorrow).  Got plenty of running around to do before Network Gathering in the morning, and it makes it a 2 hour journey that I don’t need to do 🙂

Presuming I get to sleep of course.  Pretty wired now after the strong brew at Creeds and the Macca’s coffee I grabbed in Earlsdon to top me up.

Go buy Prod album. It rocks.

Apr 08 2009

I should be an artist.

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Apr 05 2009

Welsh Wales – work & DJ

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Top weekend.  Down to Nant Peris on Fri night to ensconse myself in the Vaynol Arms until Jeff (work collegue) and his lad Calum arrived.  Quick catch up, then Dave and Tracey arrived too.  Finished the pint then Jeff and Calum headed off to test their new tent for the night, and the rest of us headed up to Bryn Glas to quaff ales and generally catch up.

1999  2003

Saturday I took Jeff and Calum round the Snowdon Horseshoe.  Weather a bit iffy, clagged up on top and a breeze, not too strong though.  Calum loved the ascent (10 yr old lad) to the top of Crib Goch, then looked a bit worried when the clag cleared and he could see what was to come.  Some encouraging words, a bit of help on foot placement and the occasional use of rope got him across, lovin it!  Made way round to Llywedd in speedy time, 8 ish hour day by the time we got back.

They shot off home, and I headed to the cottage to get a brew and play guitar for an hour or two til Dave and Trace returned.  Very thankful of the rehearsal times, as after catching up with people on the drive down on Friday I now am playing at 3 weddings for mates this year.  Need some new material!

2012  20092015

Enterprising Ommletes ensued, then off to boozer for a few then back to finish off the beer and fall asleap whilst playing guitar and drinking (cos that’s never happened before).

Sunday we went and did Longland’s Chimney.  A V.Diff climb/cave/scramble/adventure above the hydro station down from Pen y Pass.  Very bizzare, great fun, wonderfully ‘old-school’ (thrutch-tastic), in a stunning setting, really good weather and sheltered from the winds.  Winner!

And, evan better, just off the phone from Mr Miller.  Daddy Hubert is quite proud of his yet un-named son 🙂  Bit of a monster labour from the sounds of it, but everyone ace – hurrah!