Jun 22 2009

SPA : 9 years down the line …

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After a great many years, I’ve finally been passed on my Single Pitch Award – the UK NGB in sing;le pitch climbing and abseiling.  Did the training about 9 years back with Sam and Ellie Read at Moor crag with Giles, this Assessment was done with Andy Brown (MIC) from http://adventures.org.uk .Only two of us on the course, and the other happened to be a headmaster of a Secondary School in East Lancs.  It’s probably only a matter of time until I bump into him!

The course went well, I realised I’d not done anywhere near enough ‘revision’, so thanks to Simon Waterworth and Terminator at their place in Ambleside, I did a few extra hours of group bondage tying each other up, which enabled me to work with a lot more confidence and get through everything ok on the Sunday.  Could have been touch and go, but the Gods were shining on me that day!

Good crack that weekend, with Andy ably assisted by Emma and Phil from Newton Rigg.  Probably time to work out what we’re going to do for County Camp now!

Jun 01 2009

Rock, rock and Bryn Glas

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An ace weekend in North Wales.  After a frantic week installing a server, a managed wireless installation and 100 voodoo pretend netbooks, I was shattered and in need of R&R (Thursday night I got 15 mins kip in Burnley services after work to ensure I got home in 1 bit).  Grabbed Tom and Maria J, and headed Westwards.  G0t to Snowdonia around 17:00, not too much of a problem before the real rush set in.  Did Monolith Crack on Gribin Facet.  More of an adventure than a climb, and was harder than the VS I did the following day, though it was S!

Round to Nant Peris to meet Heather with a couple of mates.  Up to the cottage to meet many others (Dave, Trace, Johnothan etc), then beers and sleeps after catching up til 0200 ish.

Saturday was adventure day. Off to Cloggy, high on Snowdon.  1.5 hours stomp in the swealtering heat nearly killed us, but we got there eventually. Did Longlands Climb – classic VS with Heather, with Tom and Christian behind.  Good fun but quite easy.  The final overhanging pitch luckily was easy to protect from the ground, then with some grunting and a ‘thuggish’ approach I hauled myself up and over the 10′ crux.  Chilled out at the top, attracting odd looks from walkers on the Rangers path.

Ran away to a BBQ at the cottage with some other mates of Heathers’ that had been at Cloggy at the same time.  Ate food, drank booze, fell asleep in front of fire for several hours whilst still drinking and occasionally joining in the conversation.

Sunday was a slow start … and a slower end.  We all crawled out of bed around 9 ish, I chucked some breakfast on, then we managed to get as far as the front garden in glorious sunshine … and didn’t get any further!  About 4 hours later me and Tom left to Betwys to try out some kit and eat cake, then drive home. 

Ace to see everyone, also very good to climbon Cloggy at last.  Desperatly want to go back there now!