Jul 17 2009

Oink Oink

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Very strange couple of days.  Whilst getting ready for heading off to Italy, I started feeling a bit wierd.  Odd guts, hot/cold flushes, bit of a cough, bit of cattaugh … several symptoms similar to swine flu.  Stacks of schools in the local area have been hit by it, and what with working with people who support over 800 schools  – there’s a distinct chance that I’ve been infected.  Although I’m feeling better today.

An evening of phonecalls followed, and some people and kit are now in other cars.  After speaking to 2 GPs, recommendation was to ‘see how it goes’.  Am waiting til around 4pm this afternoon to see how I’m feeling.  Any deterioration means that I (plus Martin and Lewis) are hanging around here for a few extra days until I’m mended.  If I’m feeling better (which I am as I type), then we’ll be heading off later, and joining the team as planned.

I’m trying not to take any risks though.  Not bothered about myself, but infecting others – particularly the 2 6 month old kids that are coming – is not in my happy place.  If we set off and there’s any sign of deterioration then I’m in isolation for a few days.  Woo!

Fingers crossed eh.  Needless to say I’ll hopefully be out of range til 2nd August.  But don’t try to come round and break in as the Hors is large, hairy and can smite people quite effectivly.

Jul 13 2009

Peak, and Pre-dollies chill.

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Although it was Alcatraz weekend, I’d decided not to chase kids around the Peak, but to have a me weekend before the summer trip to the Dolomites (leave this Friday).  Me and Phlegm are running that for 30 people (2 weeks) and so most of the past couple of months have been committed to that, plus planning from last Easterish.  Hence needed some downtime before!

Over to the Peak with Tom on Friday night, up to Windgather to boulder & solo just about everything before Heather & Christian arrived.  Finished off & then back to the farm for beers and crash out.

Saturday we headed over to Bamford, a crag overlooking Ladybower reservoir.  It’s only recently had access restrictions lifted, so the polish factor (for the Dark Peak) was pretty minimal, and some is as course as anything!  Me and Tom got loads of climbs in, most at VS, and I led a HVS 5a** route.  Had a bit of a faff committing to it, but got through without falling or needing to dangle.  Still getting used to this HVS business at the moment, but consolidating routes at VS 4c is working wonders at the moment 🙂

If I remember right …

  1. I led Curving Crack VS 4c*
  2. Tom led Bilbery Crack, VS 5a**
  3. I did Quine Sabe VS 4c***
  4. Tom did Reach VS4c*
  5. I finished on The Happy Wanderer HVS 5a**

Back home after as Tom needed to be back to chill & get his head in gear before his Army Air Corps interview this week.  Watched the world of House.

Sunday, bog all.  Sorted car, tidied stuff, washed, caught up with Parents, sorted inbox, had trip out with Pam to check out venue for an event later this year … pretty chilled.  Spoke with both Claire the foriegn and Brother the Richard, both along lines of NZ at Xmas.    Plannin starts when I get back from Dollies!

Jul 10 2009

Bin out with worky types

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Me, Jake Colbeck and Jeff the Bamber, Denham last week.

Arty climbing pics of Splash Arete and a traversey VS.



Loads of other pics on me site.

Jul 06 2009

It’s definately a climbing year.

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Lots of Scouting last week.  Worked from 5 through til midnight a couple of times, mostly on Dolomites but also on planning for Ormskirk Crew’s 15th birthday bash that Pam, Sue and I are trying to get off the ground.  Looks like in order to book any accomodation in the NW of England you need to be looking around a year in advance.  That’s a level of planning that’s beyond us (by the looks of it), though we’ve finally got some options.

Up to Rochester this weekend gone, with Sam, Red, Noah and Gally.  The weekend was an intended one, to make sure that Gally wasn’t on his own as it was the (previously planned) weekend of his and Ellies wedding.  We knew that El was busy with others, so we took it upon ourselves to look after Craig.  Beers were had on Friday night, as planned climbing was washed out by thunderstorms.

2123  2154

Saturday the weather was a lot better.  Over to Peel Crag by Hexham to do some cragging.  got 4 routes in, led a VS 5a which was quite straightforward.  Was ace to spend some time with just the 3 of us, laughing and talking bollocks (as ever).



Later that evening, over to El & Dav’s, for BBQ of immense proportions and prodding of kids.  Managed to demolish crates of beer, eat loads and do a good stint of planning for Creeds wedding, music-wise.  Got some plans now anyway, which is cool.  El very much on form, a good catch up.  Back to Evistones to watch Bad News, and fall asleep in beer.

Noah had a rough night that night, full on “I’m gonna scream the windows out”.  Patience of saints, them parents.

Sunday we got up late – unintentionally.  Stumbled down to find Ron and Jan having breakfast and playing with the Grandson.  Grabbed a brew, then me and Gally decided we’d off and climb as the weather was ace.  Headed over to Great Wanney, where Gally led the VD*** Chimney (and I realised he didn’t know how to tackle chimneys!), I did the excellent Idiots route (HS**), then as the fates seemed to be with me I tackled the Great Wall HVS*** just to the right of it.  The description helped, and it was in 4 distinct sections.  I had to rest on the rope a couple of times which I’m not proud of, but I got up it without falling.  At 5b, it’s the hardest climb that I’ve led (ever – I think).  Awesome, superb route, and Craig got up it which was evan better.  On the way up he was proclaiming “You’ve got balls of steel!”, and when he topped out that rose to:

You’ve got at least five balls of steel!

(Least I know what that clanking has been).


Back to Evistones for a Red-Roast, which rocked, then M6 home in about 3 hours, then sleep ….. with a tick-count of 2 for the weekend.  6 for this year so far.

Well – that’s not entirely true.  Back home to empty pockets and then find Gally’s car keys in my pocket.  With a bit of a “oh bugger” thought, I rang Sam.  “I’ve got some news that’s quite bad, but at the same time really funny” went the conversation.  Thank the Gods that Scotland term finished last week!  A visit to the Post Office got them to him by 8am Tuesday morning!

Jul 02 2009

County Camp, and Assagi. Or Agassi. Possibly.

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Top weekend last – evening climbing with Forshaw at Trowbarrow (did Assagi, classic HVS ***, ace fun), then climbing on Sat day with group, Julie and H & H. Sun back home for the dad’s 60th meal which was great, then into a full week of Dolomites related stuff.
Off tomorrow (provided car gets through LPG service) to Sams for weekend of tunes, rock and beerage.