Aug 20 2009

Gigs = tired Green

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Kind of candle burning at the moment.  After an afternoon of hunting websites on Monday, spotted that the MEN had a load of standing tickets that they released last minute, for Pearl Jam, supported by Gomez.  Always wanted to go and see both of them, so I did.  Caught abou 1/2 of Gomez’ set, excellent live, very impressed.

Mr Vedder though, whoaah!  Stunning.  I’ve only got Ten, the first album they released, but evan though this was the 20th anniversary tour, the wole thing was fantastic.  Stunning songs, great showmanship, probably the best atmos that I’ve ever had in the MEN.  At the end when I peeled the Tshirt off, I wrung the sweat out about  or 5 times, and it was still sodden.  It was a very hot gig, down the front giving it some.

Due to them playing for over 2 hours and past the curfew, didn’t get home til 12, then shower and pit.  generally shattered on the Tuesday, then on Wednesday me and Tom went over to the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge where we went lesbian spotting for a while (allegedly got the highest percentage population in the UK) – not the Club, the town.  Allegedly.  Leastways, that’s what Tom said!

After completing our Spotters guide, we headed in as the Peatbog Faeries were soundchecking.  Back out and for a pint, then returned at the doors at 8.  Band came on about half 9, didn’t leave until midnight! Unbelivably hot, tiny little venue that it is, with a load of maniacs going berserk to the awesome music that the boys from Skye were hammering out.  Staggered out into the moonlight, then into the car and somehow made it home, after tactical stop for coffee and sugar at Burnley, home for about 1, bed for about half past.  Then back out to Burnley for 08:20 in the morning.

Urgh!  Starting to fade … Splash and Dash meeting tonight then North Wales for the weekend.  Something may have to give I think.

Aug 14 2009


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Aug 10 2009

All over the place!

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A most excellent weekend had.  Friday after work I bobbed over with Jake and Tom the Spider to Wilton 1.  Did Flywalk, Fingernail and a couple of others, then led the HVS 5b route just inside the Prow.  Mostly helped by Tom pointing out the key hold!

Saturday was spent fighting with ovens to start with. We’ve had issues with ours for 6 months, and finally Focus have given up with the 3rd party support company and just agreed to swop it out.  So, cleaned & returned/swopped/fitted the new one.  Doesn’t have a timer, but crucially it works!

Celebrated the Mothers birthday in Ormskirk (first time in about 8 years I’ve been available on her birthday, so made the effor to appear), then down to Coventry to sing and warble with Creed and Ellie, in preparation for Creeds wedding.  Helped by the noble offer of fetching curry and beer from Dafydd, we spent many hours chilling in her excellent garden.

Up in the morning to sounds of muffled squawking from Eira the wee, then passed breakfast talking toot with Phil and chilling with the rest of them.  Sorted my stuff, then swung south to Kenilworth to catch up with Alan, a mate who I used to work with about 12 years ago on my placement year.  Still keeping in good nick, enjoying his gardening and adventuring round the world when possible – very good to know!

Back north, headed up to Stoke then kicked off through the Peak over to Carolines in Hadfield.  Picked her up after her stomp over Bleaklow, then back to hers with BBQ with Emma and Ben, eventually a) built rickity BBQ and b)set fire to it using a variety of semi-explosive methods.  Dosed with industrial levels of caffiene, headed off home, to collapse into bed.

Hurrah for seeing people 🙂

Aug 03 2009

Dolomites 2009

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Back, and starting to recover from a fantastic trip.  31 most excellent people, a good site, awesome location and many, many things achieved by all.  Very few things went wrong, everyone had a really good time, and are now utterly shattered. 


That may have something to do with the 2773 miles logged by the car since I left home 2 weeks ago!  Italy is a LONG way away apparantly.

Leaving aside the 5 days given to travelling, I think we had 12 activity days on.  There were 4 under 18’s (plus Oliver & Jack who are pre-toddler age), so we were a little restricted on activities, but we managed to put on enough so that everyone managed to achieve multiple things. 


Our leadership team were fantastic, and did really well.  These included Popey, Sanday, Phlegm, Boy Forshaw, Chris Mosely, Phillips, Andy Mathers, Graham Lund and Dave Ridout.  Everyone pulled out the stops, and we offered multiple days climbing (single and multi-pitch), Via Ferratta, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking and evan (!) cultural experiences in Belgium and Venice.


On a personal note, I managed to get in a couple of new via ferratae (including a 5c route in the heart of the Tofana range, and a 4c to the summitt of Marmoloda, the highest mountain in the Dolomites), I got a few single pitch climbs in and multipitch routes on the Sella Towers and at Cinque Torre.  Unfortunatly, an incorrect placing of a knot at an abseil point meant that I ended up prussicking 50m of vertical rope to get the ropes back … in the rain, just after we’d been hailed off the route.  Utterly shattered after that … wet prussicking is not an advisable activity in my book.  I also got the satisfaction of seeing the scheme work – both me and Phlegm (who jointly ran the trip with me) are made up to have returned 31 people safely back home.


There were a few injuries, but only minor ones.  A couple of twisted ankles and cut hands, and only one injury caused on the hill that I know of.

Will be sorting out finances and the main report over the next week or two, but for now I’ve stuck some pictures on my gallery.