Oct 28 2009


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This comic does get better you know.

Oct 21 2009

From nowt to a busy weekend

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Had something in for this weekend that fell through about a week or two again, so done some thinking to try to get some stuff achieved.

Friday came and went with speed, managed to watch the Bourne Identity for the first time.  Got me thinking – the capsule under his skin with his identity in … was that what was going on with the front of the “Music for the Gilted Generation” logo?  Very strange.

Sat, up at 7 and to the Lakes.   Had a route in mind that I’ve never managed to complete, so headed off to do that with an awesome forecast.  Parked at the NDG, then up Pike-o-blisco, down to Red Tarn, then over Crinkle Crags, down to three tarns, over Bowfell, down to Angle Tarn before Esk Pike, skirt Rosset Pike, then Stake Pass to Martcrag Moor (new path being laid to do away with trashing the upland bog) , Pike of Stickle, Harrison Stickle then down before Pavey and off by Stickle Ghyll.

Set myself the limit of 3pm – if I was still on the hill at 3 I’d head back down, getting me back to the car early enough to get home before a meal out.  However, got back to the car at 2:50, set off at about 9:15, so under 6 hours.

Anquet tells me that 18km, 1540m ascent should have taken 7 hrs at 4km hr.  Was moving just over 5km/hr I think.  Either way, I’m bolloxed now, and re-hydrating.

Following that, Sat night was a good do at the Wayfarer with Crew types, then past Haskayne for a catch up and poke of child (cried on queue), and over to Dawn for a Red Rose meeting for the afternoon.

Oct 17 2009

Tunerations …

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We had another musical weekend at Red and Sams. Not that much down, but good fun had. It’s on the weekend2 link at this linky here.  More stuff will appear there when Sam works out how to work his box of voodoo and straps the extracted pustules onto the pigeon.

Oct 07 2009

I’m not sure I can carry on …

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I’m on a course of pills at the moment for a wierd stomach thing that’s been plaguing me for a while now.  Me and the Doc have reasoned that it’s probably a stomach ulcer, brought on most likely by the time/stress that I was putting into the Dolomites trip earlier this summer.  Fair enough, not the end of the world, teach me to care to much about stuff.  I treat it as a learning point, you know?

However, after being on these pills for a bit, the symptoms have re-appeared.  What with not being able to get a Doc appointment for a while, and waiting on some results from a blood test anyway, I did the same as the majority of people nowadays, and pronounced myself a Doctor by going to Google.

Well, whaddaya know, there are three key things that really cause aggrevation to stomach ulcers.

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Spicy foods.

Those of you that know me, you will understand my current state of mind.  Beyond blind panic, this is more disbelief.

All of my key vices, in one.  The fact that I’ve been hitting the strong brews a lot recently, and have been trying to work on my chilli tolerance is probably why I’m currently in pain.

This is a very scary place to be – all my sources of pleasure have been instantly stripped away.  Anyone supply any Crystal Meth?

Oct 04 2009

Gigs & Splash n Dash

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After a manic week of gigs with Adrian Edmonson & the bad Shepards, movies in Manchester, I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue live in Manchester and Climbing with Work and Tom (at different places), it was time for Splash and Dash 2009.

A year of planning had us all lined up to move the event to a different location in the lakes, with new routes all sussed out and a fresh start to this adventure race.  However, mostly due to inaction by me with many other events on, and a few other things going pete tong, we had to pull it with a week to go and hastily re-arrange things back to the GT to Coniston route.  We did a carbon copy of last years route, with a change on the fell run to not involve the summit of Weatherlam, just get onto the plateau and contour round from there. 

And I’m glad to say it went really well.  All teams done by 4 (ish), apart from Moomin and Bass who completed a while later, but most importantly completed it (they pulled out last year).  4 Explorer teams, 3 pairs – not massive numbers but everyone who did it took part.

A stack of pics on /Ashpics.