Dec 25 2009

Xmas in the sun

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Well, today we got up late, dealt with hangovers, had brews then went to the xmas doo organised by the hostel owners here. got there at 1pm, just left at 11pm. Good do. Played some guitar, met a lass with a stunning voice from Hollandia, ate heartily and got people to do some wierd games.
Then, got shown how to do a haka. The son of one of the owners is Maori, and after quite a bit of goading agreed to show a few of us the haka – more to the point how to actually do one. So, we went round to the back of the hostel and were told the history – the reasoning as to why this happens, what it all means, why it’s so significant. This – to me – was a real honour. Big time. Something very different, but truley special.
Then, we went round to the front of the building and let rip. Shirts thrown to the ground, screams to the sky, and stomping like a good ‘un.
When we finished, the girls responded with a traditional song as a ‘thank you’ for the display of force – something which I wasn’t expecting at all.
Everything is different now following that. Not sure entirely how, or why, but it is. May have something to do with the lack of beer. Described as an anticlimax by Claire, but that’s not quite it. I’m pumped and psyched, but nowhere to vent. Argh. Think I may go find some more beer. Or, as its me, probably not. The others are crashing now, so think I may comply rather than partying & meeting.
Touched. Big time. But can’t work it out. Wierd.


Dec 24 2009

Happy Xmas All

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sat in Wakaka (yes, that’s the right spelling), in South NZ. Claire’s having a shower and Ric is scraping his head. Xmas eve tonight, hopefully find somewhere to have a knees up. Just discovered the worrying fact that it’s illegal to sell beer on xmas day, so 2400 tonight through til the start of Boxing day we can’t find a pint. Off to go find supplies in a min!
Hope it’s a good time for everyone back home. Someone tole me that it’s been snowing in East Anglia. I told them to go examine their head. Can see snow and the Aspiring glaciers from here – went to have a low level peer today after some Wanaka cragging yesterday – cheers for the guidebooks Maria, been invaluable! Oh, and spotted a LOTR location too, so that’s that box ticked!
Enjoy the day tomorrow, the Brother is over on Boxing day for just over a week so off to hire a car with him & get out for some stomping over hills. Shall be missing the Ship over the next 24 hours. Have a beer for me people.
Happy Yule, go deck them halls.


Dec 21 2009

Sea Kayaking, and still alive.

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Did something I thought I’d never intentionally do this trip, and just returned from a 2 day Sea-Kayaking mission. After being assured for yeasrs that it was really teh tool of the devil (as it were), I’ve done the doo, peered at puffins, seals, 4 billion Cormarants, slept on teh beach (kind of), eaten musseles that we picked from the rocks, and didn’t throw up, get narked or anything.

Was almost pleasurable. Almost.

Well, it is the water, and water is not rock. Makeesensse. To me anyway.
4 days til xmas, sweatnig ones arse off and starting to think that I may chill out. If I could get this removable hard drive to work with this poxy pc that is. We’ve found a curry house in Nelson. Off to find out if IBS actually is made worse by Chilli.

Yoda is still our master. Heading South now after being in the North for ages. Expecting hills, waether and so on. Huzzah!


Dec 19 2009

Still alive

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All good, not managed to kill self yet. Couple of walks done – including a 2 day tramp in 6.25 hours (ahem). Somewhere in the north.
Its hot. Almost at limit.

Also, New Zealand is a long way away. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No, really, a LONG bastard way.
Off Sea Kayaking tomorrow. Yes, I know it’s the sport of the devil, but allegedly one needs to do these things. Working on the pretense that getting trashed tonight will help.
Rich out next week, will be great.
Be safe.


Dec 11 2009

Getting excited now.

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After the busyness of last weekend, followed by the Xmas markets & a moovie in Manchester with Caroline, then back to Band on the Wall the night after to catch the Oysters (cracking gig btw – small audience so climbed off stage and did a couple of tunes with no amps in the middle of the floor. Ace), was getting tired.
Work has agreed for me to transfer from the Tech East Team to the R&D group, meaning (hopefully) that I’ll be doing 1000 miles less each month, and get to play with some shiney toys.
In 2 hours I get a train to Manchester, then get on a plane, then get on another plane, and in about a3 weeks I’ll get to New Zealand. Following brew and a catch up with Lizbet this morning, probably should start getting excited.

Dec 06 2009

A Carthy weekend – Eliza Carthy and Martin Carthy … diffferent gigs.

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Following on from watching Martin Carthy at in Manchester & catching up with an ole college mate, I charged up to the lakes this morning for a quick asault on the Old Man of Consiton, via Dow Crag. Few people out, probably due to the insistent rain, but did clear a bit later on. Glad it wasn’t any colder, would have had mobility issues with the slightly melted ice that was up there!
Back home for a shower, then out to to catch up with Liza. Would have done, had they not had van issues and were stuck on the Manchester ring road. Chilled and was fed brews by the venue until they arrived, soundchecked, and did the gig. Had a chance to have a decent catch up with Liza afterwards, been a long time since I’ve had chance.
Good gig, great to catch up, off to DoE training the trainers course tomorrow … woo.

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Dec 01 2009

Bohemiean Rhapsody. The definative version.

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Dec 01 2009

Tunes and the garden

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Friday I played a charity gig with Ricko, with an appearance from Mike Bullman. It was for the 4th Hut in Parbold & it’s rebuild, and was held at the Stocks Tavern. An excellent night, great to see support from so many people. A really good atmos in there, one cracking pub, with great food, good beer and friendly staff. The fact that we trashed so many tunes didn’t seem to matter to people that much! Had chance to catch up with a few people, including college mates from Days of Ye Olde, which was most excellent. Raised over £300 nicker for the hut.
Came round on Saturday morning, and after bacon sangers went and arrived at Willmotts. After about 7 hours on Saturday, and about the same again on the sunday, we’d beaten the hell out of the garden, filled the entirity of Skem tip with the gardens contents, had bought about 4000 litres of wood chip and I’d found a tax disc. Managed to drink a large amount of wine too, though I’m pretty sure that’s entirely Els fault.
Somehow made it to NMA gig in Manc too, thanks to Tom. Was utterly shattered from the previous night, but good to see him, Neil and Stu there ; including the necessary blagging of tickets. A very new set, but some good older tunes. Quite heavier and darker though.