Apr 28 2010

Still alive, just very tired

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There does really seem to be an awful lot going on nowadays.  Either that, or I’m doing the same amount but getting older is meaning that I’m less able to deal with it all.

Whats happened then.3383

Reesy Roo & Samsun Booth’s wedding.  That was good.  Caught up with the Popes, Sandays and many others in a highly random evening.  One of the best MC’s I’ve seen in a while.  Not every day that the bride bump-n-grinds the entire congregation.

Weekend after was the Network Gathering.  Same ole same ole, many sprouts, used a boat this time to navigate the bog as it’s getting a trifle deep.  One minor injury – we really should have had a dedicated first aider up there through *mistake*.  Good to catch up with lots of people, delivered an adequatly wierd weekend with the aid of Ali & the Vollers.  Came back early on the Sunday to catch ex-Rollins & Casey in the Hopvine, then the following evening did the same with the Kellies without a Noah.  Excellent to catch up & drink decent beer.


Next weekend was the Ardennes Training.  Low numbers this year, lots of questions over whether it’ll happen or not.  However, enough people are now on, and we’ve pulled some other expenses as well, so by the looks of it we can make it happen.  Not entirely sure where I’m going to generate another multi-pitch climber from at the moment, but we’ve a good group of kids, and Mr Mathers (taking the reins from Mr Miller) is well set to make it happen. Looking forward to it, shame that many of the normal bunch can’t make it.  Should be able to destroy some cheese and beer with Phil H & others though!

Weekend after was weekend 3 at GT – Red Rose Mega Meet.  This was the Staff weekend for our major international camp that’s happening this summer.  I’m running one of the days (for around 1200 kids) as well as being a sub-camp staff member.  It’s going to be a trifle busy.  Should be damn good fun as well though.  Spent sat going through training, getting head round the flow of the week, and meeting with some of my team.  Sunday was spent beating the crap out of logs (the Caga got it right & proper), then Freemen dragging them round and whittling them down.  Managed to partially break Charlotte & trashed some of the ground, but luckily had helpful staff on hand to repair the ground – as well as repairing the trashed ground caused by nameless w@nkers and their 4×4’s on the Gathering.


Next weekend *breathe* was NOT at GT for a change, but still busy.  Saturday was Jamboree Selection day.  Had 27 to get to 4 places – and they were all very good.  There’s a chance that the letters haven’t gotten to all yet, so can’t mention names at the mo.  I’m sure we got the right kids – that is the kids who we think will benefit most from the experience.  Hopefully my “There’s billions of things to do out there” talk got through to some of them & they don’t feel too miffed.

The Sunday was St Georges Day parade.  Decent turn out from Explorers, disappointed with Network turnout though.  Hey ho.

I’ve also been running (with gratefully receieved help from many other leaders) a climbing course for Explorers in Ormskirk over the last 4 weeks.  Welsh meet this weekend, then Skye the weekend after for 10 days (low numbers this year), then a breather before the Ardennes trip.

I was hoping for both a spot in the Alps this summer, though I’m starting to wonder how & where I’m going to fit that in.  Figure a chat with Geoff this weekend will deliver. Hopefully.

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