May 26 2010

MK live

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Went and saw Mark Knopfler last night at the MEN in Manchester.  Bit of a blast from the past – I’m a massive Dire Straits fan & they were the first band that I can remember going to back in ’92 I think.  Cracking gig – lots of his solo stuff over the past few years, but also some good Straits tracks, including Sultans of Swing, Telegraph Road (slowed down version) and Brothers in Arms.

I also hadn’t twigged onto the fact that John McCusker is now playing with him, as is Mike Mcgoldrick.  John’s an award winning folk fiddler, partner of Kate Rusby and so on.  Telegraph road had a Bouzouki and Mandola playing on it as well – pretty strange!

Excellent gig apart from the overly manic lasses behind us – whistling and screaming most of the time evan though the rest of the MEN was silent.  Needless to say, everyone around them (including me) was very British about it & so didn’t say anything.  They buggered off to the front at the end, so we got a whole 2 songs that weren’t spoiled by this.  Seated gig, so nowhere else to go!

Most ace.

May 16 2010

End of trip …

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Back home, awesome trip.  Will start pictures uploading soon.

The next day on Skye was on Beinn Fdehsomething – the one with Waterpipe Gully on it, accessed from the Fairy Pools carpark.  Phil was suffering with ankle pain, so he walked in with us & we then did an awesome scramble up the Northern ridge & then up the main arete.  Took just over an hour to get to the top, victory butties & general feeling of fantasticness on the top.  Decided to bin off Drum na Ramh & go find Phil (awesome day anyway) so got down to find him asleep on the path with bemused walkers steering round him.

Beers in the pub that night (pub definately better for being revamped!), then plotting as the forecast was crap for the following day. Reasoned would be a late start, so me and Julie stayed up til the late hours with a bunch of Yank students on tour.3440

The next day was ming as promised.  Ran back to the mainland, then headed for a Munro that none of us had done in Glen Garry.  Got there late on, did the hill (long & bigger than we anticipated!), so got off at 7pm pretty knackred.  Wild camped in a cracking spot in the Glen, and hit bed quite early!34673491

Over to Glen nevis now to find Stubbs and Lewis (on Ledge Route by this time), then did a scramble on a hill above Steal meadow, tapped on the SE flank of Ben Nevis.  Not hard, not long, but gave stunning views of Glen nevis (W&E), and into the Steal coire.  Really good fun, played on the bridge before we went up (Phil strode through the river saying that he’s not that tall & Julie bottled it – though she did it the following day!).  Met the others in the Clachaig that night, good evening of talking crap and having a laugh.  Wilmott also joined us at this point.

Decided on a scramble as weather was a bit here and there.  Did Broad Buttress on the Buchaille with El, a superb route.  Book reckons it’s better than Curved Ridge, and I’m inclined to agree!  Some superb lava formations which have made perfect steps on steep exposed rock – awesome!  Butties on the top at 12, then weather looked to be turning, so ran away.  We were hoping for the Etive Slabs, but weather not right.  Down to Ardlui and a night in the Drovers – good band on, no space, the others did the Ring of Steal, and grabbed a curry afterwards so joined us later on.  Weather looked ok for the following day, but beer & general tiredness of most put paid to the plans for climbing on the Cobbler, though I think it may have held out.  Hey ho, that’s for another day!3506

Headed back home at a gentle pace, in time to eat at parents, chill out, deal with kit and have a beer with the Fitzcharnocks.  All is good in the world, and hill therapy has worked wonders.

May 11 2010


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Getting there.  Sat in the Skyewalker hostel, which means I’m on holiday and it’s going to be ace.

Yesterday we did the Saddle in Kintail.  Not hard, but reasonably exposed and committing, particulary with the weather that we had.  Was ace, then we drove to Kyle of Localalsh (chippy tea), then over to the hostel.

Today we headed up Sgurr Dearg direct, then I took Stu up the Inaccesible Pinnacle.  Was good fun, quite a lot of snow around the place, but njot enough to impede progress.  Got to Bandadich, but weather turned after that so we ran away & got off teh ridge aro0und 1/2 way down Ghobar into the Deargh Coire.

Drunk lots of dirty booze tonight.  Someone says Cameron is PM.  I fear for the years ahead.  At least people will become passionate in politics again …

May 09 2010

Scotland May 2010 : 1

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An excellent weekend to start the trip. Up friday night quite late, so crashed out straight away. The windy saturday never appeared, so we headed up and did the Anoch Egach ridge in stunning conditions, and in an impressive time, being off the hill for 2.30pm! Victory beers in the Clachaig with a local band of 70-something blues players – an excellent night.

Sunday, woke to broken cloud but still dry. Wanting ot make the most of this weather, we headed up onto the Buchaille and did January Jigsaw (S), a 4 pitch route on the Crowberry Tower. My book reckons it’s a better version of Agags – unsure about that, but had some sporting moves in impressive situations!

Sunday pm, back to tents. A bit shattered, have already been asleep and now rousing self with caffiene to get to the pub, to get a good session going before JJJ and Acklam get here later on (10pm eta).

Car doing bad water things again. Lost it’s entire supply between home and here on Friday. Reckon it’s an issue when I’m pushing the revs, so from here on in it’s bimble mode, and keeping the AA card on standby. Here’s hoping it lasts the week!

Oh, and emptying the contents of your hydration pack into your rock boot is NOT a good idea. It does little to improve your ability, and smells a great deal.