Jun 14 2010

Ardennes, Northumberland and Mr Ridout.

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Been a busy few weeks.

2 weeks back, on the 1/2 term I was on the annual county Explorer trip to Belguim, in the Ardennes region.  I’ve helped with this for several years, and I keep going back as it’s ace fun.  It was a really good week, great kids who developed a lot, led by Andy Mathers to great esteem.  Nuff respect to that feller – he’s very good with the kids.  Only a couple broken, and they were mostly to do with mountain biking (suprise).

As ever, the only real problems were to do with transport.

  1. Phil H, on a mission to get a Geocache, reaches the ferry region a long time before us in the bus withthe trailer, but misses the ferry.
  2. Phil’s alternator blows up about 1 mile into the journey home
  3. An impressive wipeout in the fast lane in terrential rain by a member of the public leaves me and Andy stopping the traffic on the M6 on a busy sunday afternoon (really) to escort the driver in a stunned and partially freaked (yet intact) state to the side of the road.  Got an air ambulance and everything to that one.

This last week I was up in Northumberland at Sam and Red’s doing some practising for Ricko’s wedding.  We’ve practiced long and hard, and are firmly of the mind that none of us are prepared to be his bride.  We had some long discussions over many (many) bottles of ale, and Noah helped by hitting drums, but our minds are made up.  We are steadfast. 

Caught Ellie on the way back and watched Daffyd blow up their £900 Anti Midge device which was entertaining for a while.  Especially when I tried to disconnect the propane bottle which was attached to the alight device only to find out it had been turned fully on when I’d been told it was turned off.  That was interesting for a moment.

Tonight, Carrington and I have been to see Dave Ridout.  For those in the know, Dave has been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, and he’s been in a pretty bad way for a few weeks. The mass has been blocking his asophogus (?), but he had a stent fitted a few days back and can now (after several weeks) eat again.  As you can imagine, having not eaten for several weeks has had a massive hit on his build and systems, but Dave is feeling better, has more energy, and was bollocking Carrington for not finishing his D of E report yet, so it’s not the end of the road yet.  Starts Chemo in a couple of weeks, and is really optimistic for getting out again.  The terminal word has been used, but from the sounds of it everyone is working on that being a long way in the future yet!  Fantastic to see him – that mischevous glint is still in his eye, and we all wish him the very best of health and a speedy recovery over the coming months.

Jun 12 2010


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it’s naff, but easy.