Oct 24 2010

New Model Army – 30th Birthday Gigs

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Just back from 2 nights of gigs at Nottingham Rock City.  Did both with Creed, drove down after work yesterday, gigged then back to Cov, then a day wandering round DoveDale in the Peak District before drifting back over to Nottingham for the second of the gigs, then back home afterwards.36313638

These were a set of gigs of their 30th anniversary tour.  It’s slightly worrying that after I’d done most of my ‘following’ of the band, I went to the 20th anniversary tour.  Ah, so many gigs.  No idea how many NMA gigs I’ve done over the years, but it’s a lot, I know that much.  And, thankfully, they don’t deteriorate with age!  The latest album’s a bit different, and the lack of Dave on the lead is also different, but they still play damn well.3641

The gigs were similar to the 20th gigs.  2 sets by the band, 1hr of acoustic tunes, then 2 hours of electric.  Best thing was that it was a guaranteed different set each night – awesome.  Rock City’s a bloody great venue – as Justin said “These gigs should have been in Bradford but there’s nowhere to play”.  Great sound, really did justice to the band.

The audience was on form both nights.  Pretty intense the second night – Creed lasted 1 song at teh front before the second elbow in the face sent her to the back, and I found Stu and Neil hiding by the Bar on the 2nd night after s0me hectic times in the crush.3644

The set list was awesome.  Can’t remember half of the tunes, but here’s some memorable bits:

  • Vagabonds, with Ed on fiddle.
  • Space, with Joolz on monalogue.
  • Marrakesh
  • Christian Militia
  • Brave New World 2
  • Courage
  • Brother
  • Bad Old World
  • The Attack
  • Drag it Down
  • Betcha

Plus, all of the standard tunes that we’d expect from an NMA gig.  About half a dozen of the tracks from the new album, but stuff from every other album too.

Bloody awesome.

Oct 19 2010


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Oct 19 2010

Pulled from the ashes …

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After a reasonably well planned weekend went to the wall after everyone I was out with fell ill, I decided to go solo for the weekend.  A night plotting on Friday led me to head for Patterdale on Saturday morning.

Did a solo stomp round the Grizedale valley.  Up the valley then up the zig-zags to contour round to Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday Crag (after picking up the wrong path and wandering round for a bit trying to find the buttress).  Polished off Pinnacle Ridge in about 15-20 mins, then over St Sunday Crag and on to Fairfield.  Down to Grizedale Tarn, then back up over Dollywaggon and over to Helvellyn, then down Striding Edge and back to the car.  A great route, cracking views all the way round.

Saturday night wasover to Poulton in Blackpool for Mac/Gibby/Pierre’s 30th birthday doo.  A great chance to catch up with loads of people – the Sandays, Gassy, the birthday boys, Julie, and many more besides.  An excellent evening, drove over and back, then made the mistake of cracking a beer open when I got back and so staggered to bed at about half 3!

Sunday, quiet morning.  Did some Scouting paperwork/tasks, then off for a run and then over to Rivington with Fitz as she’d not been over there before and was going a bit stir crazy with her latest MS  flare-up.  Went for a bimble (not that long, honest!), then ate fudge, and cake, and drank brews.

Sunday night, off to the Hop Vine for a few beers with Nige, Pam La and Ali D, catching up and talking random crap. 

All in all, a most excellent weekend!

Oct 06 2010

A bit manic

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There’s been loads going on.  2 weeks in Chamonix at Chez Pope, a weekend in the lakes on Dow and Fairfield, Dave Ridouts final mission to Pillar Rock and Splash and Dash.

It’s all been great fun, but there’s been so much fun going on I’ve failed to blog enough.  Work on the pretense that all is going rather well at the moment.  Apart from the fact that Pillar (or the Rock), is now the proud owner of one soggy phone.  No idea where that went, but I’m still waiting on a replacement SIM at the moment, so don’t try to ring me for a bit!