Nov 11 2010

Divine Comedy, Madchester and Gorillaz

Category: Musicash @ 5:41 pm

On Tuesday went into town to catch up with Caroline & do gigs.  Grabbed a beer in the Sand Bar, a cracking little venue just off Oxford Road, will be going there again!

Ace to catch up with herself as she couldn’t make the birthday do, but she’s having a time of it with her outdoor instructor job being pulled as the company went under last week.  Not only that but there doesn’t seem to be much design work, and she’s obviously a bit down about this all.  Hoperfully something good will happen soon.

the gig itself rocked massively.  I’ve been into the Divine Comedy for years now, only saw them once supporting, well, dual headlining with Ben Folds on his first solo tour.  This was Neil on his own, and he was stunning.  A lot more powerful on his own I think than rather with the full band.

Played all the classics including some new material, and “Tonight we Fly”, a tune that I rather morbidly want played at my funeral.  One bloke and a grand piano can’t half make a lot of noise.  I’d forgotten j st how bloody talented he is!

Tomorrow is Gorillaz at the MEN.  Just going on my tod to that one, but looking forward to an ‘experience’!