Dec 11 2010

Wintery Stuff

Category: Mountaineeringash @ 6:18 pm

It really does seem to have been snowing a bit out there. Not much made it to Lancs, although the rest of the country seemed to be broken. However, it does mean that some Winter climbing has been happening.
Last weekend Tom and I headed up to Ambleside. Was tricky getting there, with the crashes, abandoned car, heavy snow and lack of ploughs … without Toms snow tyres we’d have been stuffed trying to get there! After a night on the beers with Si, Terminator and Si’s lass, headed up to Dollywagon Gully at some stupid time in the morning, a la snow chains on the car. Masses and masses of unconsolidated powder in the gully made it an absolute sod trying to move, but there was quite a bit of good nick ice up there. Great fun, but bloody hard work!3649
Yesterday was another visit to the Lakes. There’d been a bit of a melt going on though – air temp jumped by about 10 degrees, so although we carried everything up there, it was more of a practice in dragging winter sacks around. Headed up to Pinnacle ridge instead, as Mark G hadn’t done it before. The wind was up, and the clag down, so it ended up being a good choice of route.
Ended up back in Ambleside to catch up with Malcom and Si. Bobbed to see Malc but he was deep in conversation with Dave Birkett (legendary climber) about the finer properties of different types of wire in particular placements. Sloped off down to see Simon & ended up buying a Paramo top … been after a replacement for my Montane smock for a couple of years – hopefully Paramo can do it for me!
Back home, then out for beers with Ali and Mark, to be joined by Nige, PamLa, Steph and others later on. Today ended up a day of sobering up whilst fixing plumbing.