Jul 05 2011

Another Merry Hill vid …

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Although I managed to miss teh Haigh hall gig last week, someone else made it, with a videoy thing. Here’s their doins.


Jul 04 2011

The North East

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Its been a busy old year.

Belgium, Scotland, Scouting things left right and centre … kinda copy & paste from previous years but now I’ve got rid of the TV and am trying to embrace Windows Media Centre. Kinda working, albeit slowly.

Anyway, been off to Northumbria recently, doing some climbing with Sam and Ellie, as well as catching up with Ric and the Charlton, & seeing the Joneses.

We went to Crag lough, and I fought my way up a sod of a HVS. Well, after falling on it once. Obviosuly need to work on my layback technique. However, Sam provided educational skills, and Ellie showed us just how much she enjoys three starred Severe routes. Bear with it, there’s about 8 mins of vid!

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLC1202F133AAC69B4″]
It’s a playlist … if it just plays once then click on it to embiggen & it should load the next one automagically.

There’s some pics too … 3701