Jan 14 2012

Ok, it’s been a while.

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And probably lots of people who follow this (in a very loose way!) have forgotten about this Blog.  I haven’t, and keep meaning to update, but seconds in the day have gone.

To rapidly sum up, I’ve got me a lady friend.  Not “A”, but the I reckon.  Life has certainly become a lot more hectic since Becky Wood arrived on the scene, but all of a sudden life is making a lot more sense, and I’m oozing happyness in a rather filthy way.

Who is she?  A long-distance running paramedic with a climbing fetish, a desire to spin poi and a real passion for life.  What’s she like?  Well, you’ll have to see for yourself, but to me a prowling lioness with a hell of a spark in her eye.

In the past few months since we got together we’ve moved in together, met the parents, been to Norway, seen Levellers, Merry Hell & Primus, climbed all over the place, walked in many other places and done some Winter Mountaineering.  She’s also been to the Jungle for 3 weeks, Graduated (no, not THAT young!) and got a new job.  This year brings many things, including us going to Oz for Rich’s wedding to Em in Oct.

I’m determined to update this Blog more, but it’s a time thing!  Off to Greenland on a Sea Kayaking trip this summer as a recce trip for a future one, plus organising a trip to Austria next year, and Greenland mountaineering in 2015 with a training trip in 2014.  Oh, and Hardman’s booked me to help with Red Rose in 2014, so that’s going to be a busy one!

If you’ve not met herself yet, please get in touch.  It obviously means that I’ve been crap and neglected to see you recently, which obviously needs to be rectified!