Jul 17 2009

Oink Oink

Category: Scoutingash @ 12:25 pm

Very strange couple of days.  Whilst getting ready for heading off to Italy, I started feeling a bit wierd.  Odd guts, hot/cold flushes, bit of a cough, bit of cattaugh … several symptoms similar to swine flu.  Stacks of schools in the local area have been hit by it, and what with working with people who support over 800 schools  – there’s a distinct chance that I’ve been infected.  Although I’m feeling better today.

An evening of phonecalls followed, and some people and kit are now in other cars.  After speaking to 2 GPs, recommendation was to ‘see how it goes’.  Am waiting til around 4pm this afternoon to see how I’m feeling.  Any deterioration means that I (plus Martin and Lewis) are hanging around here for a few extra days until I’m mended.  If I’m feeling better (which I am as I type), then we’ll be heading off later, and joining the team as planned.

I’m trying not to take any risks though.  Not bothered about myself, but infecting others – particularly the 2 6 month old kids that are coming – is not in my happy place.  If we set off and there’s any sign of deterioration then I’m in isolation for a few days.  Woo!

Fingers crossed eh.  Needless to say I’ll hopefully be out of range til 2nd August.  But don’t try to come round and break in as the Hors is large, hairy and can smite people quite effectivly.

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