Sep 06 2009

One Wedding, some hills and a breakthrough.

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A cracking two weeks just had. 

Last weekend was Bank Holiday weekend.  On the Friday I drove to Llanberis, and stayed the night with Dave and Tracey at their cottage, with Tom, Heather, Christian and Johnathon.  Good night, excellent company etc. 

On the Saturday I left early and made my way to Pinnacle Caff at Capel to meet the daughters of Janie-Woo – an ex work collegue and good mate.  They’d seen these mountain things and wanted to do something, though not sure what.  So, I took them on a mountain ‘experiece’.  Lewd comments aside, it was an excellent day.  Took them over the North Ridge scramble on Tryfan, and they loved it, so carried on up Bristly ridge to top out on Glyder Fach.  The weather crapped out at this point, so after slipping and sliding on the lethal rocks on the top (and smashing my compass & cracking my hip something rotten), we came down the Griben and out back to the car.  Met Woo and Mike at the Bryn Truch, and as way of thanks they treated me to a slap-up meal – nice one!  Headed back to the cottage where the party was in full flow, with about 25 people crammed into and round the cottage.  Got a few beers in, and chilled for the evening.

Next morning, off to Coventry.  Said byes to people then cut cross country down to Creeds, to practise for her wedding the following night.  Good day playing with her, Rude and Brian, then crashed at Dave J’s in Dunchurch – managed to finsh off the last bit of Season 1 of House that I found at his ; cheers Dave!

Bank Holiday Monday, drove down to past Stratford to find where the Reads were staying.  Spent several hours playing tunes with them and getting stuff ready for Creeds Wedding, enjoyed an afternoon in the pub with the kids (L’il Noah’s a man on a mission now) and then back to Dunchurch to polish up the Car – I was the Wedding Driver for Creed on the way to get wed.  Met Johnathon who was also staying at Dave’s, we went out to the boozer for food and beer.  Johnathan was keeping it light – he was starting a new job the next day in Oxford and was a bit nervous, particularly cos he couldn’t find the bit of paper which told him what time to start!  After getting back he searched high and low and still couldn’t find it, so decided to crash out and risk it the following day.  10 mins after going to bed, he reappeared to say that he’d found the letter, and he was starting at 9am …. the following day! 

Tuesday came, as did Wedding prep.  Had time to kill, so went for a 5~6 mile run, then moved out of the cottage and got the car Valeted outside Cov.  Got to Creeds and lurked with Brian until the time came.  Drove shiney and weddingerized car through Cov … several times as we’d set off too early.  3 laps of the ring road was good fun, particularly as when we timed it right at the end we actually came off at the wrong exit and had to go round again – at speed! 

The Wedding was ace, at the very historical registry office in Coventry (~1400’s). A good turnout, Phil was on edge and Creed looked stunning – a most excellent time had byall.  The choice of the “Owl and the Pussycat” sung by two of Phil’s band collegues was adequatly wierd, and it summed a lot up when Phil was trying not to laugh out loud when he saw just how many people were wierded out by that -quite planned methinks 🙂26342638

We did the Photos just as the weather broke then made a mad dash through foul weather to the reception at a nearby wildlife trust centre. We did our tunes, Brian did his excellent speech and got tearful (as did Creed) at the end.  Noah hadcrashed out in Sams guitar case as we played our tunes, and then the weather broke again.  The experience of being woken by 6 people carrying you in a wierd casket,covered in waterproof jackets, with mad music going on and lots of strange faces was a little too much for him, and he exploded.  Sam got his daddy alarm on, and in about 20 seconds I’d worked out his guitar part and took over from him, letting him run off stage and tend to the boy. 

2656  2653

Time was getting on, and the two massive helpings of Roast Hog were getting me tired, so at 9 ish I bade my farewells and ran away home, as work the next morning.  Back ast about half 10, then up at 2 to void guts.  Something wrong with that piggy I think.

This weekend just gone was a D of E assessment weekend in the Peak.  Me and Martin headed down on the Saturday to Longnor and chased/found 5 teams doing different routes to Gradbach.  Got them all on site (a couple quite late and in the VERY dark), then legged it to the pub when they were settling down.  Nice and hospitable, staying open to 1:30 for us! Cheers to Phillips senior for providing a load of belly-pork lumps, marinated and then bbq’d at 2 am 🙂


Today did more following, then assessing and briefing of the teams.  All did well, was well impressed with them.  We’ve got some cracking kids in Ormskirk Explorers at the moment.


Headed home, then had the breakthrough.  For the first time in, I dunno, many years, I actually cooked food, from ingredients, that had flavour.  Ok, a good chunk of it got spilled and binned, but stuffed peppers with the rest of the stuffing in warm pitta bread has rocked my world.  This probably means that I’ll eat this and nothing else for the next 2 weeks until I get curry withdrawls 🙂

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