Sep 24 2009

Gathering 2009

Category: Scoutingash @ 8:46 am

A great camp, over at Bibbys Farm.  Excellent to see so many campers, Staff and friends for a top weekend.  We managed around 548 on site I think, didn’t loose any money and kept all of them busy for a while.

I ran the Admin for the camp & handled the booking in process, which all went well.  Helped out moving groups round the Zones on the Saturday, and after some frantic brain-bashing, Nige, Ricko and I came up with the DC’s Challenge (a manic game of evolution with 500 people, some communication games and the first ever delve into the Korma Sutra).  A couple of good nights round the camp fire, the Vollers did very well with Vorgg on the Sunday, and we were packed up and off site before 3pm.

After4-1 years, it’s time to pass the mantle on.  Nige, Ricko and I have really enjoyed it, but it takes a huge amount of time and we’ve all got other things to do.  The others have said they want to spend more time focusing on their Unit, and I want to be able to deliver a quality event for Splash and Dash and the International Day at Red Rose 2010.

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