Sep 28 2009

145% Pork

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Off to the lakes with Tom for a climbing day/weekend, with a musical twist.

Friday night was the official album launch of “The Witch and the Robot” – a band made of 3 mates of Tom’s from Ambleside.  The album got 7/10 in NME review, and is adequatly bizarre.  A good turnout to the venue (upstairs at the Sticklebarn in Langdale no less), and an excellent night.  Wierdigan tunes, a maniac named Dj Asethetic Heartbeat (brings back distinct memories of Hitler and the 5 steps to war from college), and an inflatable snake.  Dave arrived with Maria and her ex-aussie mate, and Tracey arrived later after her pint had been drunk (oops). 

I didn’t win anything at the Meat Auction, whichTom (Spider) had been preparing me for.  Very disappointing.

Saturday we got up earlyish and slogged up the Band (to Tom’s disgust).  After 17 years, we got near the top and swung beneath Bowfell, to Bowfell Buttress.  Did the route, very good, Classic Rock and really good fun.  Dropped back down and then had a crack at an evil-as-sin HS route next to it (Direct Route I think).  HS my arse.  Wet, minging loose overhanging chimney, green as a green thing and nasty all the way.  Some good stuff higher up (p4) but crap on the rest of it.  Urgh.  Both me and Tom glad to be alive after that.  Dropped over the tops then down past Angle Tarn through Rosset Gill.

Down to the campsite, saw Dave and Trace, then over to the Sticklebarn for beer and Food.  Siobahn and Maria were there likewise, so we all ate, drank, and had a laugh.  There was some entertainment on, and he did his bit with pretty rough humour but good banter and music.  Offered the guitar around, so Tom and Maria generally shouted until I agreed to go and play.  Did a few tunes and got a good reception which was cool, though no free beer 😉

Staggered back to tent (and missed Maria managing to fall over an occupied tent in the middle of the campsite!).  Had a lie in on Sunday, which I think my body desperatly needed after successive late nights in the week, then grabbed some scran and headed home to work on Splash and Dash for a few hours, catch up with the parents, then bag up several thousand Gathering badges and crash!

Oh, and Pepperami Hot (of which I mostly survived the weekend) are 145% pork apparently.  Really.  Look it up yourself!

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