Nov 05 2009

Glencoe & Birthdays

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A good weekend up in Scotland.  A day off from work led to me, Darren and Rhys the dog heading up in the day, and after being stuck in Glasgow for several hours we met the rest in the bunkhouse in Glencoe.  Sam & Anna, Ben & middle Cairns, plus Stubbs, Speakman and the Willmott.  Sat was spent munro bashing (Ben Starav – or Stavros as we decided it was called), which is down Glen Etive and a really good walk.  Weather clagged in, which was a shame as the top was good fun scrambling.  Bailed off from the full horseshoe as both Willmott and I were nursing hangovers, then I managed to screw up a river crossing by falling arse over tit into a small stopper wave.  Only one wet boot, but it was VERY wet. 

Into the boozer that night, the last night of the Oktoberfest.  Good band on, the locals threw themselves into it, we all ate and had a few jars, and Stubbs turned down an older lass (who turned out to be the only stripper in Fort Bill!).  Back to bunkhouse for reverllry with some of the paddling guys that were there, then crashed.

Following day we hit the ice factor for a few hours to do some indoor climbing and recover from the evening. Headed off early afternoon quite happy.

Bits and bobs this week, but birthday today.  Made up with the cards that Creed and Ricko did (Creed sent picture of Sam & I from her wedding, Ricko robbed one of mine and toyed with it)  – cheers guys, made up with that.  Bit of a naff day with work, and was on a bit of a downer but went to Bonfire with Phlegm, Charly, Pierre & a few others which was really cool – Charly & Phil put on a spread and did the entertaining which was gracefully received.  Cheers guys, had a top time!

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