Feb 21 2010

Mental weekend

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HEctic weekend just gone. Friday saw me and the Pa doing Avatar in Madchester on the Imax, joined by Caroline & her pa. Good fim, a hell of a lot to take in on the Imax, but well impressive. Better the 2nd time around I think. Although I was expecting lots of things that I didn’t see – I’d been imagining or dreaming stuff I think! Wierdness.
Saturday headed over to Glossop with a bunch to celebrate Carolines Birthday. Involved being driven to Ikea, having several near misses, going in the wrong way and sitting on a mattress in the queue as the cashier was crap. Also then involved a bimble, playing with dogs and carrying Boy Miller in his new carry/rucsac thing which he wasn’t too impressed with.
Realised the time at the end and fled the scene back home, picking up Creed on the way from parents. Back to mine, into Penguin suit, picked up by Nige and away to Founders Feast. Introduced Creed to the world of Scouting – well, the bit of it that goes to the Feast. Ate food, mocked people, danced craply, mocked people more, let off 23140 balloons at Chris Bent. Got drunk.
Delivered home by Nige then off to GT via the Marriot in lots of new snow. Made it to GT (just), had to abandon Dawns motor by the public site. Walked up, grabbed brews from Bill, walked Dawns subcamp and came up with a plot for it all. Got some cracking pictures. Off to Anglers to meet & eat (had to cancel Strawberry Bank as we’d never have made it there and back alive!), got through loads of stuff then back home to mostly collapse

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