Apr 30 2011

A million things, but mostly Merry Hell.

Category: Musicash @ 11:58 pm

Been meaning to write for ages, about Tom going abroad to not get blown up, me climbing all over the place and regularly nailing HVS leads again now, fun things like the Gathering and similar, but the thing that’s got me to here is the Merry Hell gig that I’ve just been to.
Think Tansads. But (as Oz pointed out) it’s like Tansads but at our age. Think reaching for a cup of tea at the end of the set rather than another beer 😉
The new stuff is excellent. Some bloody good vocal gymnastics – the new lasses voice is bob on and Andrews is as good as it was on the last album. Great new songs, only a couple of weakish ones, the rest rocked impressively. A bit more folky than Tansads, but very comparible. Well, there are 5 members still on stage!
They announced another gig in Wigan sometime in July – keep an eye on the Facebook page. Think I’m busy then but will shift what I can.
People – I can strongly recommend this. You won’t be disappointed.

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