Aug 08 2011

I survived Redefest 2011 …

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For the first time since … well, ever, I managed to make it to Redefest, a festival run by a load of mates who live up in Northumbria in the Rede valley. According to local lore, this has been happening for several years & has been attracting people in their thousands.
However, there was a bit of wet this last saturday. I realised I could make it after coming back from the Alps & going to Hors & Laurens wedding on the friday, so drove up to sams late on the Friday. Had some beers, and volunteered my help to be told I had a 4-5 shift on the car park.
Sat am came, and so headed on down after visiting Claire and Rick to generally help out with stuff. Put up lighting, made some signs, constructed a car park … all good things. Oh, and helped Dav build the bar *ahem*.
Then came the rain. Within a couple of hours the car park was so sodden we were pushing every car out & it was starting to get everywhere. Numbers dwindled right off, the water got too close to teh PA, calls were made and unfortunatly the decision had to be taken to pull the event, for the safety of everyone. It was getting heavier, and although everyone was smiling and having fun, it was starting to turn into a problem – which was a real shame given the time and commitment that had obviously been put into the planning.
Most people had gone by about 8, so we did what we could to finish the opened barrels of beer, did some tidying, played some music and managed to get back to sams place, where there were a million Kellies and Reddings. Did some sleeping, then after helping deconstruct the place for a bit on Sunday headed back home via Clare O’s new place in Kendal. All very tired now.

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