Jun 30 2008

Out damn spot …

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And though you scrub and scrub, it never quite goes away, even though you quite see it.  Other peoples blood on your hands can be a tad worrying at times.

Whilst driving to a job in Skem from Leyland today, I was on the M6 heading south after J27.  In the outside lane, trying to get to the job on time I saw quite a few cars and a lorry or two parked on the hard shoulder.  A second later when I did a double take I saw a car on it’s roof a good way up the embankment, with a load of people round it, and no ambulence in sight.

I realised that this crash had just happened, so managed to get into the nearside lane and pulled over.  I ran back up the hard shoulder, on the inside of the parked cars to find a spontaneous crowd gathering.  I said I was a first aider and did anyone need any help, then was pointed to the car itself, where a lad with blood on his hands and face was about to light a fag.  We pointed out that he was about to blow us all up, and he moved away from the upside down car – looked to be a micra, or a corsa.  That size.  It was on it’s side, with it’s roof leaning on a thin tree downslope of the car, and a guy (Macca) was pinned underneath.  The chap attending to Macca was a dentist & was on the ball with sorting him out, but due to the thin tree holding the weight of the car and stopping it rolling down the slope and into the motorway (about a 10-15′ drop I think), we couldn’t really get into the car or around it to find if any of the rest of his body was trapped.  Macca’s left arm was pinned under the roof, and his head was out the smashed boot, pretty bloody and face up, due to being pinned by the arm.  Whilst I was there he lost conciousness totally (he’d been in and out before), so whilst the dentist and another guy who’d seen it happen tried to work out how to check the rest of his body, I was with macca giving encouraging words, trying to clear his airway from the bubbling blood that was coming from his mouth (a few bust teeth in there) and so on.  I got some movement from him a couple of times, and managed to find a steady pulse eventually, but his neck and bits of face were swelled quite heavily – I think skull fractures were definatly involved. 

Eventually the brigade with cutting kit arrived, followed closely by the paramedics.  We stepped back, gave them the information and let them get to it.  We cleaned ourselves of the worst of the blood, gave our details to the copper and then stodd about for a couple of minuites, registering what was happening.

Turns out that the two lads had been allegedly hammering along the outside lane, doing around a ton.  They’d clipped the side of one car which had thrown their stability, swerved and left the carrigeway heading up the embankment, through a load of trees and then flipped onto its roof and then side.  The driver was walking wounded – we’re pretty sure that the reason Macca was out the boot was due to not wearing a seatbelt, in which case he’s looking at some pretty serious cranial trauma, and will be bloody lucky to stay alive tonight.

Particularly as when after doing the job in Skem and was heading back north on the M6 about an hour later, all appliences including the two ambulences were still there, and they were still working on the vehicle.  If they manage to get him out – and his arm has been pinned by that weight all that time then he’ll be loosing that if he’s lucky.  The whole of the M6 Southbound was shut at 27, and everything was being sent through Standish to wigan/orrell and back on there – causing carnage on the roads.

I’ll be very suprised if he makes it through.  Time for a beer tonight I think.

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