Jun 12 2007

About me

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Well, it’s me. Ash Green. Not this one as many people seem to think, but a different one. One with less hair, more earrings, and a certain fondness for sprouts.

I tend to do a lot with the Scouts in the UK, in the most excellent county of West Lancashire and rather splendid district of Ormskirk. I have a reputation for doing disturbing (although legal) things to our members, usually involving mud, ‘organics’ and scramble nets. For this, I utterly blame my old Scout Leader.  I’m not a leader of a group as such, I help out at District level, coordinating events, running units when people can’t make it, drag people up hills and so on.

I do quite a bit of walking, climbing, and other tomfoolery in the outdoors of the UK, and further when I can. I achieve a lot of solace from hills, particularly big and scary ones.

I am thankful beyond words to know more utterly amazing people than I would have thought exist. My friends (both inside Scouting and out) manage to keep me sane, although I have a funny feeling they don’t actually realise this. I managed to get a few of them to meet each other on my 30th Birthday pissup party, and I think that some of them got an inkling of how priviliged I am to know so many ace people.

The sprout thing is a bit wierd.  It comes entirely from Barry the Time Sprout, a chattie little green entitiy that lives inside Elvis’ head.  Yes, that Elvis.  No, he’s not dead, he’s not living in the Deep South and he’s not a billion stone overweight.  He’s somewhere in the mists of time, aided by Barry.  And I hasten to point out, this isn’t me coming up with this toot.  Lo, all bow please to the majesty of Robert Rankin.

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