Jul 07 2008

The Power

ash @ 11:02 pm

Music.  The first and the last.
From the first wind blowing across scorched lands,
To the final catastrophy.
It has power, it has love.
Music is all.

Feelings come, feelings go,
But the sound always remains.
The beauty, magnificence, and precise notes of a melody
Or the sound of waves on a beach,
Music is all.

To lift the spirits of people.
Battlecries over the sprawling mass of war,
Or a short lullaby.
It must remain.
There is no comparison.

Music gives me reason to live.
Either performing, rehearsing, watching or appreciating music
Allows me to experience it’s beauty,
And exhillaration.
Music is All.

People come, as do relationships.
A pain ensues, and so do arguments, grief, bereavement and sorrow
There is always music.
One thing is sure.
May anything happen to the world, any disaster, any reason for depression.
The music will NEVER change.
The music carries it’s word, and that word is unexplainable.
The music defeats all other – even love.
And I love the music.
With all my heart, blood and bone, I desire, need and love the music.

By me.

Funny how some things stay the same as the years roll by.

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