Dec 06 2009

A Carthy weekend – Eliza Carthy and Martin Carthy … diffferent gigs.

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Following on from watching Martin Carthy at in Manchester & catching up with an ole college mate, I charged up to the lakes this morning for a quick asault on the Old Man of Consiton, via Dow Crag. Few people out, probably due to the insistent rain, but did clear a bit later on. Glad it wasn’t any colder, would have had mobility issues with the slightly melted ice that was up there!
Back home for a shower, then out to to catch up with Liza. Would have done, had they not had van issues and were stuck on the Manchester ring road. Chilled and was fed brews by the venue until they arrived, soundchecked, and did the gig. Had a chance to have a decent catch up with Liza afterwards, been a long time since I’ve had chance.
Good gig, great to catch up, off to DoE training the trainers course tomorrow … woo.

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Nov 08 2009

O my god

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Ok, it’s a bit of a rumour, but an ole college mate, who knows a bloke, who’s mates with Ed Jones says that the rumour mill is saying that The Tansads are reforming for a 20th anniversary thing. Whether it’s real or not, I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be binning off a £1.5K trip to NZ if they’re set to play over Xmas.
O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god think I may wet meself. Bestest band in the world, ever.

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Sep 25 2009

Massive Attack at Leeds

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Top gig last night over in Leeds. Drove over after long day at work and then a meeting, and went to visit Phil Broadbent and Katie at their place. Good to see them both, took Phil out for a game of pool & then drifted into town.
Managed to get there just as support band finished, and then remembered what happened when Creed and I went to see them last time – the venue fills very quickly and it’s a manic crush, with people unable to move. As such, was stuck by an exit on the left side of the dance floor, with people walking past all the time.
When the band came on, it got a little better, but was a obstructed view which was an arse. Impossible to get any further in, but the music was awesome. At Angel, a gap opened up by a particularly fine lass, so dived for that and managed to get some space to dance. Only 4 vocalists tonight, guess one of them must have been ill. All the classics played, plus some new material which is excellent. Thunderous bass! Danced like a restricted loon – stunning sounds all the way through.
Had the offer of staying at Ginnys, but was still awake after the gig, so went for the option of the late night and own bed, over the option of early bed and fidhting past Manchester in the morning – made all the more stressful by needing to be on the phones first thing.
Back about 12:30 (ish), collapsed.

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