Aug 27 2010

Merry Hell?

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Looks like the rumours of a band from the ashes of the Tansads are true …

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Jul 11 2010

Tansads – the end….?

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Here’s hoping not.


The band played a blinder last night.  For the uninitiated, the Tansads were/are/will always be the best band who never made it, hailing from Wigan in the UK.  For years in the 90’s, the world was a happier place with them in it.  I only discovered them near the end of their career, but probably did around 30 of their gigs all round the uk, travelling with a host of people but mostly Mike, Danny and Abi in a battered blue Escort.  Every night would consist of working out how to get money to get in (although Oz normally did a good job of getting us on the guest list so that the cash we’d got could go to beer instead), dancing like maniacs and being very happy, then working out where the hell we were going to sleep that night.

They toured with some of the classic folk/rock bands – although I know that they played with loads of others too … I think I remember hearing a rumour that the Verve started off supporting the Tansads.  Thats how big they were around here.


Many great memories, including Dan and Abi getting engaged to a song – think it was Spirit Move – with Dan on my shoulders and Abi on Mike’s.  That was quite cool, the Charlotte in Leicester I think.

Having the opportunity to see these guys again has been truely stunning.  The music has been bob on, true to form Kek forgot words most nights, and we (and they) have been loving it.  The new album of unreleased tunes is excellent, the tickets, set list and poster are about to be mounted in a frame somewhere, and I’ve just stuck a load of pics up on the website.

Have a Google around, there are some other excellent reviews up there ( ) that will help you understand.


Immesurable thanks go not only to the band for making this happen, but to Damian Liptrot, their manager & driving force behind making these gigs a reality.  As I said to him last night, “I can now die happy”.  One of my lifetime ambitions that I never thought would happen just has.  And I feel rather splendid about that.

Up the Revolution chaps.  Chuffin good shows.


Nov 08 2009

O my god

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Ok, it’s a bit of a rumour, but an ole college mate, who knows a bloke, who’s mates with Ed Jones says that the rumour mill is saying that The Tansads are reforming for a 20th anniversary thing. Whether it’s real or not, I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be binning off a £1.5K trip to NZ if they’re set to play over Xmas.
O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god O my god think I may wet meself. Bestest band in the world, ever.

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